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An industrial solvent with pronounced inhalation anesthetic activity.
Synonym(s): methylchloroform
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Use is being outlawed since 1,1,1 trichloroethane is an ozone depleter.
In samples from the foundry C landfill, a trace of 1, 1, 1-trichloroethane was found in one sample from well 1 and traces of 1,2-dichloroethane and trichloroethane were found in one sample each from well 2A.
About 3,160 cubic yards of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated soil and debris, 5,800 cubic yards of trichloroethane (TCE)-contaminated debris, and 340 cubic yards of lead- contaminated debris also have been sent for off-site disposal.
Other exempt solvents, such as 1,1,1 trichloroethane, will soon be banned from production due to their ozone depleting potential.
contaminated a public drinking well with 1,700 to 8,800 parts per billion of the solvent trichloroethane (TCA).
He had developed in 1954 the outstanding replacement of the highly toxic carbon tetrachloride, stabilized 1-1-1 trichloroethane, and such products as IBM Tape Cleaner and Developer for use by IBM Computers throughout the world.
1995 March Discontinuation of all use of trichloroethane
When it's time to really clean out the system, a combination of trichloroethane and isopropanol works best.
It also led the way in purging trichloroethane from its worldwide operations in 1993 and worked closely with its suppliers to ban ODS (ozone-depleting substances).
kits 1995 March Discontinuation of all use of trichloroethane June Establishment of worldwide Environmental Network Meeting 1996 May Recycling Promotion Department established
The magic bullet, a drop-in replacement solvent that provides high threshold limit values (TLVs) and the good cleaning characteristics of 1,1,1 trichloroethane and CFC 113 without any ozone depletion potential, does not, at present, exist.