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trichloroethylene, trichlorethylene

a volatile, nonflammable solvent with a similar odor to chloroform. Used in the extraction of oils and fats from plant and animal materials for the purpose of using the oil. The residue is available as animal feed. Has anesthetic and analgesic properties but is not recommended for use as either in animals.

trichloroethylene-extracted soybean meal
see trichloroethylene-extracted soybean meal.
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Being exposed to some medicines and chemical substances such as bleomycin, isoniazid pentazocine, sodium valproate, bromocriptine, trichlorethylene, vinyl chloride, nitrofurantoin, and hydantoin etc.
Investigations into the effects of exposure to trichlorethylene in mechanical engineering.
Among the 14 DWP pollutants listed in the study that exceed health guidelines were arsenic, trichlorethylene, an industrial solvent, and two radioactive elements, many of them associated with cancer.
Cleaning solvents such as toluene, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, and trichlorethylene can be used, but they leave a film residue upon evaporation that will retard bonding, explains Enercon Surface Treating Systems.
Nitrous oxide, chloroform, trichlorethylene, ethyl chloride, ether and cyclopropane were available, each with its own limitations.
At the end of World War II, the volatile synthetic solvents carbon tetrachloride and trichlorethylene gave way to a product known as perchlorethylene (perc)
Reuben Sandler, president and chief executive officer of IOS, said, "In phase one of this project, we demonstrated the ability of the smart spectral analysis approach to detect the target contaminants tetrachloroethylene (PCE) and trichlorethylene (TCE) in isolation and in real-world spectra taken from a mixture of materials obtained from a typical remediation site.
This agent initially was administered in a similar way to trichlorethylene because its effect on soda lime was unknown.
The individual is said to have neutralised the girls with a trichlorethylene spray, which is used not only as a short-time anaesthetic spray and a cleaning and degreasing product, but also, in some cases, sniffed by young people to get temporarily high.
Later, a school spokesman said: "The individual is said to have neutralised the girls with a trichlorethylene spray.
Environmental Protection Agency will hold a public meeting Wednesday, July 14, 1999, to discuss a proposed legal agreement to clean up trichlorethylene (TCE) contaminated soil and groundwater at the Tucson International Airport Area Superfund site, Pima County, Ariz.
The premises were engulfed in fumes from the burning vat of trichlorethylene, a chemical used for cleaning metals.