triceps brachii

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triceps brachii

[trī′seps brak′ē·ī]
Etymology: L, three-headed, brachium, arm
a large muscle that extends the entire length of the posterior surface of the humerus. Proximally it has a long head, a lateral head, and a medial head. The three parts of the muscle converge in a long tendon and insert in the posterior aspect of the olecranon. It functions to extend the forearm and to adduct and extend the arm. Also called triceps. Compare biceps brachii.
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Triceps brachii

triceps brachii

The muscle of the posterior arm with three points of origin (one on the scapula, two on the humerus) and one insertion on the ulna. It extends the forearm and is controlled by the radial nerve. See: arm for illus
See also: triceps

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Q. What is a fast and effective way to get bigger biceps and triceps? I am one of the regular goers to gym for the past 6 months and I am very fond of disposing my biceps and triceps. What is a fast and effective way to get bigger biceps and triceps?

A. I would not do any curls at all. Instead focus on multi joint, compound movements. Try back workouts, pull ups, chin ups, etc.

These will work your biceps. Make sure to go as heavy as possible without hurting yourself, and consume protein. The rest and drink alot of water. Sleep adequately.

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