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A synthetic substrate for lipase assays.


A natural butyrate of glycerin, a milk fat, which gives butter its flavour and is used as an ingredient of margarine.
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The use of solid media supplemented with emulsified olive oil (C18 long chain triglycerides) or tributyrin (C4 short chain triglycerides) is specific for the detection of lipase and esterase activities.
The serially diluted soil samples were plated on Tributyrin agar and lipolytic count varied from 1.
On the basis of larger clear zone formation on Tributyrin agar, 08 potential isolates were selected in the study.
The n-butanol treatment was accordingly assessed via the following specific activities: esterase, lipase and phospholipase, using p-NPA, tributyrin and soybean PC as substrates, respectively.
The different samples were incubated in tributyrin broth with pH 7 at 60[degrees]C for 24 hrs in water bath shaker incubator at 150 rpm.
Substrate was prepared by emulsifying ten ml of tributyrin with 90 ml of PVA solution by sonication.
1 % Tributyrin extract in minimal media in conjunction with 2 % agar (for solidifying), pH adjusted to 7.
To test the lipolytic activity, the isolated bacteria were spot inoculated on tributyrin agar maintained at pH 8.
The purified cultures were screened by streaking them on skim milk agar plates for proteolytic activity and tributyrin agar base plates for lipolytic activity.
An increase in villus height was observed when lactitol and tributyrin were added to weaner diets (Hou et al.
Louis, MO 63178-9916) and lipase by a pH-stat titration method using tributyrin as substrate according to Erlanson-Albertsson et al.