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A synthetic substrate for lipase assays.
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A natural butyrate of glycerin, a milk fat, which gives butter its flavour and is used as an ingredient of margarine.
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This was carried out by using tributyrin cup-plate clearing zone assay method as qualified by Morikawa et al (20).
Table 3: Relative enzyme activity (REA) of seven fungal strains grown on olive oil or tributyrin substrates in the presence of phorbol esters (PEs) extract at 28C for 7 days of incubation
In contrast, Talon and Montel (1994) reported that lipases of lactic acid bacteria had an optimum activity with tributyrin, and also lower with natural lipids.
In lipase RNL, this position is A; when it was replaced by W, its activity towards tributyrin, tricaprylin, and triolein decreased [20].
Tributyrin (or Vegetable oil) hydrolysis test: The Tributyrin (or vegetable oil) is broken down by the lipase produced by the organisms to water soluble butyric acid and forms a clear around the lipase positive colonies.
One isolate OCR-02 which showed maximum activity was selected and maintained on tributyrin agar slant at 4[degrees]C.
[4.] O'Connor CJ, Sun D, Smith BG and LD Melton Inhibitory Effect of Brans and Their Aqueous Extracts on the Lipolysis of Tributyrin. Catalysed by Calf Pregastric Lipase.
Tributyrin and soybean phosphatidylcholine (PC) were used as substrates for lipase and phospholipase activities, respectively (both Sigma Chemical Co., St.
Other treatment strategies include the use of histone deacetylase inhibitors such as tributyrin, sodium butyrate, and phenylbutyrate.
In a first step, tributyrin, a short-chain triglyceride, was used as substrate.