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The practice of verifying results using multiple tests. In geometric terms, an unknown third point can be determined with one known side and two known angles
Lab medicine A popular term for the use of two or more tests to evaluate one condition
Surgical oncology A method for localising the exact position of a breast lesion by a guide wire of a lesion of the breast, based on 3 parameters: position, depth of penetration, and wire angle


Oncology A method for determining the exact position of a breast lesion localized by a guide wire of a lesion of the breast, based on 3 parameters: position, depth of penetration, wire angle. See Guided wire open biopsy. Cf Stereotactic biopsy.


n a methodological approach in qualitative research used to integrate, verify, and interpret data derived from many different sources, including interviews.

triangulation (trīang´yəlā´shən),

n a wedge-shaped area between the root surface and alveolar crest that permits the passage of radiographic rays.
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n]} be a point configuration and let T be a triangulation of the point configuration A\[a.
When using triangulation, it is necessary to measure the exact length of at least one side of the triangulation network triangle first.
In order to produce a tree decomposition of a graph in a general setting, with the algorithm 1, and any permutation [pi], a triangulation H is produced with [pi] as PES and then the algorithm 2 produces the tree decomposition.
Combining elements of both quantitative and qualitative approaches was the common thread of most mixed method, triangulation and integrative method debates.
Using of an active triangulation has some troublesome influence.
Clergy and counselors who work with Christian clients would presumably be quite interested in how often adult children and parents use theistic triangulation to handle conflict.
It was demonstrated in [13] that the information available on a particular element of the triangulation is not sufficient for defining the stabilization parameter [tau] in an optimal way and that the orientation of the neighbouring elements has to be taken into account.
To assist in their huge undertaking, over 5,500 triangulation pillars were erected and these are scattered around the country, not only on top of hills and mountains but also hidden away in towns and cities.
The embedded space between two or more objects could also be defined by a triangulation of the covering polygon, where all objects are enclosed by sets of interior triangulations.
Some legislators are concerned that triangulation of beans and other agriculture commodities remains a major problem for Mexico.
It uses laser triangulation and has a dynamic laser feedback loop that provides accurate measurement even when there are changes in speed, ambient light, color, temperature of material or plant environmental conditions.
Many other providers have also filed for waivers of the October 1 deadline, and it's no wonder: The expense of upgrading wireless carriers to either a multiple-tower triangulation ("network") system, or to a GPS-type system that locates the user by satellite is staggering.