triangular part

tri·an·gu·lar part

the middle one of three small convolutions that together compose the inferior frontal gyrus of the cerebral cortex, the other two being the orbital part and opercular part.
Synonym(s): pars triangularis [TA]
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A first step consists of removing the low rank part in the lower triangular part of the matrix.
nxn] is named a (lower) quasiseparable matrix (of quasiseparability rank 1) if any submatrix taken out of the strictly lower triangular part has rank at most 1.
The matrices considered in this manuscript only have structural constraints posed on the lower triangular part of the matrix.
This reduction in complexity is related to the structure in the lower triangular part, as the following example shows:
This means that the lower triangular part is structured in a similar way as the upper triangular part.
Let us denote the first sequence of Givens rotations, and the vector for representing the lower triangular part as:
Observe that the matrix F is such that any submatrix contained in the lower triangular part of F has rank at most 1.
k] is in upper Hessenberg form, the entries in the upper triangular part of [A.
From this lemma we may also represent the upper triangular part of [A.
According to her, natural hair can also be styled into Bantu knots, which involves sectioning the hair with square or triangular parts and fastening it into tight knots on the head.
large wooden umbrella: This structure divides naturally into eight triangular parts, each individual shape starts at approximately 2" (5 cm) wide, closest to the pole, and expands to 27" (69 cm) wide at the outside edge.