triage tag

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tri·age tag

(trē'ahzh tag)
A tag or other method of identifying the triage level assigned to a mass-casualty victim, containing information needed for emergency and life-sustaining treatment.
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By tracing pen trajectories written on a triage tag with the digital pen, the system stores handwritten information on injured people in an embedded memory of the pen.
Historically, paper triage tags have been utilized to quickly identify, prioritize, and communicate the care needs of individuals at an event.
Providing responders with a mechanism to quickly and easily collect data by performing common, essential functions--such as scanning IDs or triage tags, gathering patient data, and instantly sharing that information with all stakeholders--is a tremendous asset offering significant benefits and one that impacts how events and incidents are handled moving forward.
Tenders are invited for to develop, conduct, and control the scenario for one (1) tabletop exercise and one (1) fullscale exercise, conduct and facilitate two (2) planning meetings for tabletop and full scale exercises, provide two (2) exercise controller, provide three (3) exercise evaluators, input exercise injects and props (a minimum of airsoft or simunitions) and protective gear, provide triage tags and victim management for 20 participants, & provide risk management during full scale exercise.
Armed with colored tape or color coded triage tags, the rescuers would then systematically go to those who were unable to respond, initiate lifesaving measures, i.
Potential applications include hazard maps, triage tags and other outdoor or disaster supplies, outdoor posters, recording papers, and labels and price tags for fresh or frozen foods.
Those products include the newly developed Victoreen[R] Vehicle Mounted Radiation Detection System, Triage Tags used with the Victoreen ASM-990 Advanced Survey Meter (now wireless), Victoreen 451 Ion Chamber Survey Meters, PRIMALERT[R] Digital Area and Doorway Monitor, Digital Smart 1060AM Area Monitor, RadiaXon[TM] Radiation Attenuation Gloves, and Rad-Con[R] Decontaminants.
There is a company called Disaster Management Systems who produces a product called Triage Tags, which is a portable IT system that can be run on a single laptop.
Triage tags now contain unique barcodes that identify and link patients to their health and treatment information.
They talk routinely in terms of disaster-site triage, triage tags, resource mobilization, medical strike teams, surge capacity and "distributing" patients to alternate care facilities, terms well outside the norm of typical healthcare lingo.