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(trend) [Old English trendan, to roll, revolve]
The inclination to proceed in a certain direction or at a certain rate; used to describe the prognosis or course of a symptom, disease, or methods of disease management.

pernicious trend

In psychology, an abnormal departure from conventional ideas and social interests.

secular trend

A long-term trend that develops or progresses over many years. The tendency for girls to begin menstruating at younger and younger ages during the twentieth century is an example.
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- Fairlife Milk is less sugar (Key Trend 4) , but also lactose-free (Key Trend 3) and more protein (Key Trend 3)
Longitudinal studies reveal long-lasting trends, ones with staying power.
Trend was extremely surprised by Zakharova's unawareness of what was happening in the department she leads.
[mathematical expression not reproducible] The p value is defined as the probability of obtaining the data values under the null hypothesis that there is no trend (Fatichi 2009).
Obviously, the modern trend is a mixture of negative space and typography.
Trend Forward Capital is a key part of helping us reach our vision as a scalable and operationally efficient company."
Trend 5, Childhood Joys--Creating a fairytale for one's life adds joy and pure love of life.
5.8.3 Lower-tier millionaire per capita net worth trend analysis
(This is the difference between "Tulsa police shooting" and "Tulsa, Okla.") And the names of people involved in crimes virtually never trended in our sample.
One approach to measuring trend inflation (denoted survey-based trend inflation below) is to define it as the long-run forecast of professional forecasters.
For example, Glassdoor Trends identifies which jobs in New York or which companies in London, England have gained the most attention among local job seekers on Glassdoor.