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tremolo (trem´əlō),

n an irregular and exaggerated speech pattern that may be the symptom of an emotional disturbance or of various diseases affecting the nervous control of the organs of respiration and phonation.
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El tremolo es un gran ejemplo de que ambas guitarras, la clasica y la flamenca pueden complementarse y compartir tecnicas.
Hsu [11] applies the method by utilizing the vibrato and tremolo.
As noted above, the tremolo on a sustained tone is a slight wavering of the pitch that intensifies the musical sound, and may be used by the manang to make the meaning of a particular passage ring with special significance, as at the beginning of Example 3, lines 2-3 (".
self-titled LR These SD area guys are masked purveyors of cranked out, punked up surf/garage: tremolo guitars, Farfisa, and a dash of harmonica.
This nocturnal shake and shimmy is classic Isaak, from breaking into his haunting falsetto mid-line to gut-wrenching interplay with his tremolo guitar.
From the quiet opening tremolo chords on the marimba to the electrifying vibraphone that came a little later to the evocative tintinnabulation that she coaxed from the vibes, Glennie made every note seem vital.
There are fifteen discrete types of vibrato used in twentieth and twenty-first century Western music: straight tone, bel canto vibrato, molto vibrato, tremolo, head shake, gentle glottal vibrato, hard glottal vibrato, goat vibrato, horse vibrato, lip vibrato, tongue vibrato, harmonics vibrato, diaphragmatic vibrato, finger vibrato, and hand vibrato (see chart, "Physiology of the Vocal Vibrato," at the end of this article).
I've always wondered why in the movies, every time that the cowboy crosses the Mexican border, or the small plane of the ruthless drug smugglers lands in the middle of the Colombian jungle, the composer of the soundtrack, almost automatically would write a Flamenco guitar arpeggio, followed by a tambourine effect, or what is even worse, a castanet tremolo, although Flamenco music has nothing to do with the Mexican culture, nor has the very Spaniard castanet ever crossed the Atlantic ocean to be used in Colombian cumbias or any other of the multiple music styles of this New World of ours.
Y yo, sobreviviente no deseado, tremolo sus cabellos y con
But eventually the trees, tinsel and tremolo of Bing Crosby ensure we're in a festive mood for Christmas.
The enduring musical recipe as laid out by Dale in the 1962 classic ``Miserlou'': staccato melody lines played on the low strings of a Fender Stratocaster drenched liberally in the ``wet'' sound of reverb with swelling surf evoked by the guitar's tremolo bar.
Rose designed and perfected what he called the double locking tremolo system, which allowed guitarists to radically bend guitar strings with the whammy bar and remain confident that the strings would always stay in tune.