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, pl.


(fō-rā'men, fō-ram'i-nă), [TA]
An aperture or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure.
Synonym(s): trema (1)
[L. an aperture, fr. foro, to pierce]


(1) Foramen. 
(2) Vulva [NA6].
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Trema is a privately held corporation, which is owned by major institutional investors which include Investcorp, The Carlyle Group, ABS Ventures and Norsk Vekst.
Trema Finance KIT CMM will entirely replace Henkel Corporation's existing out-dated cash management system and will interface with Henkel's general ledger system facilitating the download of accounting data on a regular basis.
Kari Makela, Member of the Board and co-founder of Trema comments,
Trema is proven at over 250 global blue-chip customers including The European Central Bank, Banque de France, ING Investment Management, Lucent Technologies, GE Capital, Porsche, Merck and Philips.
The past year was our most successful yet in the government sector, and we are delighted that the IADB has chosen TremaSuite," said Trema CEO Michele Fitzpatrick.
Thomas Bergqvist, Managing Director at Trema Service Provider said, "Trema Transaction Hub Service has been in live production since October 2000.
The Trema Suite supports straight through processing of the widest range of functionality and asset classes, including complex structured products, all within a single real-time environment.
Deutsche Bank will work closely with Trema researchers and developers to build on the company's core technologies, including web-based and wireless MIS platforms to be used by DB and its customers.
WebET FX and Trema provide a unique on-line service, further strengthening our customers' abilities in international foreign exchange trading and hedging.
Trema is widely recognized for its ability to deliver innovative system solutions within the treasury arena, particularly within the Eurozone.