treatment recommendation

treatment recommendation

Decision-making A narrative in reviews, original articles, and metanalyses, that suggests the best therapeutic option for Pts with a particular condition. See Therapy.

Patient discussion about treatment recommendation

Q. is pregnancy can cause depression? if so what are the treatment methods you should recommend me taking?

A. yes, it's a well known phenomenon. About 13 percent of pregnant women and new mothers have depression. There are two treatments to depression- talk therapy and medicinal. Where not al the time you'll need medicinal. And some of the times the most effective is both. Find a good psychiatrist.

Q. i broke my hand .. please recommend for therapy methods? thanks a billion !

A. other then putting it in a cast..? or you mean physiotherapy? you need to do an x-ray to see if everything o.k inside. no mini fractures moving aroud and things like that. then cast it and a few weeks later when they take it down- start physiotherapy.

Q. Can anyone recommend alternative treatments for rheumatoid arthritis?

A. my grandmother also has RH, and i looked up for her info about alternative treatments. after a few suspicious looking sites i found that didn't pass the test, i finally found this:

was very helpful!

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Additionally, 85 percent of urologists were more confident in their treatment recommendation following review of the GPS.
Following parents use of these interactional practices, physicians are more likely to make concessions, alter their diagnosis or alter their treatment recommendation.
For anaplastic carcinoma, the treatment recommendation of airway management +/- tracheostomy was removed for unresectable disease.
These results are not medical care, treatment, a treatment recommendation or a diagnosis.
The NCCN guidelines include dasatinib as a treatment recommendation at specific follow-up evaluation periods for patients that relapse or did not respond to imatinib therapy, or who have disease progression on imatinib therapy.
The researchers found that Decipher led to a change in treatment recommendation 43% (95% CI: 37-49) of the time.
The bacteria developed fluo-roquinolone resistance in the early 2000s, prompting CDC to drop that drug from its treatment recommendation in 2010.
The results reinforce the fact that patients facing difficult medical decisions should be sure to communicate their values to their physicians and ask their physician why she is making a specific treatment recommendation.
Once the patient's file arrives in Cuba through the Quebec company, doctors can give a treatment recommendation and price within about three days, said Vermette, noting that was motivated to start her service after waiting six months to see a specialist.
Diagnostic and treatment recommendation consultations are conducted by board-certified urologists and nurses.
It is impossible to judge whether Union Carbide was basing its treatment recommendation on toxicity data or for some other reason.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Increasing cases of drug resistant gonorrhea prompt new treatment recommendation for gay and bisexual men, news release, Atlanta: CDC, Apr.

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