treatment modality

treatment modality

Medtalk The method used to treat a Pt for a particular condition
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Q. I would like to know the modality of treatments available for breast cancer. Can anyone explain me? My best friend is 30yrs, female. She is just diagnosed with breast cancer. Her doctor said that she is in the initial stage and nothing serious. I would like to know the modality of treatments available for breast cancer. Can anyone explain me?

A. i'm sorry to's not easy to know a good friend of yours have cancer. all you need to know of a the newest and best treatments you can find right here:

good luck to you and your friend! and keep me posted.

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Ajmal Kazmi said that TMS is an expensive treatment modality but it gives better results in carefully selected cases.
AppleGate Recovery, a BayMark Health Services company now operates 13 programmes across six states that focus on outpatient treatment with medications that are supported by counseling and recovery services, which provide a comprehensive treatment modality that addresses physical withdrawal symptoms and psychological cravings.
In each of these three cases, the patient experiences what we call an expectancy effect--that is, they 'expect' that their treatment modality will help them, and things get better.
Therefore, individualized therapy is the most suitable treatment modality. There is a variety of management options for PCa such as surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, ablative therapy, active surveillance, as well as multimodal therapies.
However, this treatment modality has limited efficacy and can lead to numerous side effects.
FT injection represents a novel, first-in-class BPH treatment modality".
The researchers note that surgical excision is still the primary treatment modality for melanoma, while Mohs surgery or other forms of staged excision may be considered for certain melanomas.
Thus generated amounts were used to tabulate annual reimbursement figures for each individual treatment modality. Subsequently, total annual reimbursement figures were calculated using the sum of all four examined treatment modalities.
Radiotherapy is an important treatment modality for cancer.
In an attempt to determine the best treatment modality for the largest number of people, researchers have randomly assigned patients to different modalities in the same setting and found that methadone treatment works for a larger number of people than other medications.
The FDA's designation of SER-287 follows a review of data which established a medically plausible basis for the use of SER-287 specifically, the Phase 1b clinical data that highlights the potential of SER-287 as a novel treatment modality for patients suffering from UC.

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