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To manage a disease by medicinal, surgical, or other measures; to care for a patient medically or surgically.
[Fr. traiter, fr. L. tracto, to drag, handle, perform]


Cardiology A clinical trial–Tranilast Restenosis following Angioplasty Trial


To manage a disease by medicinal, surgical, or other measures; to care for a patient medically or surgically.
[Fr. traiter, fr. L. tracto, to drag, handle, perform]


To manage a defect or disease by medicinal, surgical, or other measures; to care for a patient surgically or medically.
[Fr. traiter, fr. L. tracto, to drag, handle, perform]

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Q. can cancer that was treated and healed still make problems in pregnancy in the future? my sister had cancer in her stomic that was treated on the right time-thank god- and now she's doing great. but she and her husband are now speaking about having children and I really hope she wont have problems getting pregnant or during one...

A. thanks. I actually haven't spoken to her about it- thought to ask here first so maybe she did have her eggs drawn out. I hope so.
Thanks anyway for your answer...

Q. How is gout treated? After a lot of tests, my Doctor concluded that I have gout. What treatment should I expect? Is gout curable?

A. There are basically three types of treatment for gout arthritis : corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID- ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen), and medication that lowers uric acid levels, such as allopurinol (Zylopric) or probenecid, also may be prescribed to help prevent a gout attack.

Colchicine is used to treat acute gout attack and usually begins working within few hours of taking it. Low doses of colchicine are also used to prevent attacks. These drugs are recommended for people who have had multiple attacks of gout, kidney stones due to uric acid, or tophi.

The goal of lowering the blood uric acid is to slowly dissolve deposits of uric acid in the joint.

Q. How to treat cellulitis? My Mother is 73 and has been diagnosed with cellulitis on her leg. She is in a lot of pain. What is the most effective treatment for it?

A. Here is a movie with tips on managing cellulitis:

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In effect, for purposes of the partnership tax rules, the replacement property is treated as having been received in the same partnership tax year in which the relinquished property was given up.
Specifically, where rights or obligations of redemption or purchase may be exercised only following a 20-year period beginning on the issue date, the stock will not be treated as NQPS.
Because the approach restricts the scope of items treated as built-in, loss corporations with NUBILs generally will opt to apply it; loss corporations with NUBIGs generally will not derive significant benefit from its use.
Further, even if additional credits to a participant's account under an account balance plan are denominated as income and do not exceed the permissible amount, they will not be treated as income exempt from FICA taxation if the amounts with respect to which they purport to be income have not actually been taken into account for FICA tax purposes.
1298(a)(3), it is treated as owning its proportionate share of the stock owned directly or indirectly by FP (i.
Generally, the transferor trust's grantor, rather than the transferor mast, will be treated as the transferee trust's grantor.
As noted, new FEEs on the per se list are automatically treated as corporations for Federal tax purposes; thus, hybrid status is not available for such entities.
Wisconsin and California, for example, allow Federal S corporations an election to be treated as a C corporation for state income tax purposes.
While an LLC formed under California law must have two or more owners, the new law permits non-Californian SMLLCs to check-the-box to be treated as a disregarded entity.
A domestic trust that fails to meet these conditions will be treated as a foreign trust for all purposes of the Code for all tax years beginning after 1996.
If a trust is treated as owned by one grantor or other person, the trustee may choose between two alternative methods of reporting.
This treatment differs from the Service's position several years ago when the change in method of accounting for trade discounts resulting in a negative adjustment also was treated as a Category A method.