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To manage a disease by medicinal, surgical, or other measures; to care for a patient medically or surgically.
[Fr. traiter, fr. L. tracto, to drag, handle, perform]


Cardiology A clinical trial–Tranilast Restenosis following Angioplasty Trial


To manage a disease by medicinal, surgical, or other measures; to care for a patient medically or surgically.
[Fr. traiter, fr. L. tracto, to drag, handle, perform]


To manage a defect or disease by medicinal, surgical, or other measures; to care for a patient surgically or medically.
[Fr. traiter, fr. L. tracto, to drag, handle, perform]

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Q. can cancer that was treated and healed still make problems in pregnancy in the future? my sister had cancer in her stomic that was treated on the right time-thank god- and now she's doing great. but she and her husband are now speaking about having children and I really hope she wont have problems getting pregnant or during one...

A. thanks. I actually haven't spoken to her about it- thought to ask here first so maybe she did have her eggs drawn out. I hope so.
Thanks anyway for your answer...

Q. How is gout treated? After a lot of tests, my Doctor concluded that I have gout. What treatment should I expect? Is gout curable?

A. There are basically three types of treatment for gout arthritis : corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID- ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen), and medication that lowers uric acid levels, such as allopurinol (Zylopric) or probenecid, also may be prescribed to help prevent a gout attack.

Colchicine is used to treat acute gout attack and usually begins working within few hours of taking it. Low doses of colchicine are also used to prevent attacks. These drugs are recommended for people who have had multiple attacks of gout, kidney stones due to uric acid, or tophi.

The goal of lowering the blood uric acid is to slowly dissolve deposits of uric acid in the joint.

Q. How to treat cellulitis? My Mother is 73 and has been diagnosed with cellulitis on her leg. She is in a lot of pain. What is the most effective treatment for it?

A. Here is a movie with tips on managing cellulitis:

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At Hachioji Hospital in Tokyo, Toyoaki Uchida and his colleagues have treated more than 200 men since 1999.
The critics state that getting rid of the treated effluent by using it to irrigate crops has hurt groundwater quality in the past and threatens to continue to do so in the future.
A compression mold was made consisting of side-by-side identical arrays of 60 o-ring cavities, with one set of o-ring cavities treated with the Vickersil, while the other was standard hardened tool steel.
Visual identification relied upon many different factors, including looking at the load to evaluate if it contains remnants of an exterior structure, such as portions of a fence or a dock, indicating it likely contains treated wood.
The utility of the XRF units is believed to lie in the inspection of C&D loads that are difficult to identify visually, and they have been found to be very effective for identifying treated wood after a picking-line sort.
The use of composite wood for residential decks as a substitute for CCA treated wood might increase the cost of decks by 10 to 30 percent, again according to CPSC.
I treated so many burned hands of people who lobbed tear gas canisters back at the cops or away from the crowd.
Researchers from Belgium presented an abstract showing sustained control of viremia for a median of 17 months in 4 out of 10 patients treated within 2 to 5 months after PHI.
Specifically, where rights or obligations of redemption or purchase may be exercised only following a 20-year period beginning on the issue date, the stock will not be treated as NQPS.
004% S after treatment, there will be 300-350 g of metal sulfides formed in each ton of treated iron.
1361(c) (2)(A)(vi) was created; (5) the deemed owner of a trust treated as wholly owned under subpart E of Part I of subchapter J of Chapter 1 of Subtitle A of the Code, if that deemed owner is a family member; and (6) the owner of a disregarded entity, if that owner is a qualified member of the family.