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With all of these available services, plus the equipment the traveling business person carries, productivity while on the road can equal or exceed that in the office.
Just as it doesn't make good business sense for employees to choose their own desk or chair from an unmanaged list of vendors, it also isn't smart for a company to operate without policies and parameters that need to be followed when traveling.
Our goal is to not only educate the trade about faith-based travel, but also the consumer - for example, educating pastors and religious group leaders themselves about the value and benefits of traveling together as a community.
CASMA actively promotes the use of automation in airline sales and marketing to find the fastest, most efficient means of distributing the air product to the traveling public.
SOUTHLAKE, Texas -- A recent survey of financial executives conducted in February, 2006 indicates that nearly 92 percent of respondents plan to spend the same or more on travel, primarily because they are traveling more often, but also due to higher business travel costs this year.
These savvy travelers will offer advice and tips on everything from how to film a travel video or roll a kayak, to finding unique souvenirs from around the world, to discovering cool, new things to do while traveling.