traumatogenic (trô´mətōjen´ik),

adj capable of producing a wound or injury.
traumatogenic occlusion,
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Advances in continuous traumatic stress theory: Traumatogenic dynamics and consequences of intergroup conflict: The Palestinian adolescents case.
Researchers have provided empirical support for the traumatogenic potential of poverty, stating that being poor is associated not only with an increased risk of exposure to developmental trauma (Collings, 2012; Dhami, Hoglund, Leadbeater, & Boone, 2005; Finkelhor, Ormrod, Turner, & Hamby, 2005; Turner, Finkelhor, & Ormrod, 2006) but also with secondary victimization in the aftermath of traumatic exposure (Collings, 2009), and with negative mental health outcomes, including PTSD, at a later stage (Collings et al.
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a consequence of the interaction between an individual genetic susceptibility, a traumatogenic event and a social context, Encephale, vol.
Potential role of disc repositioning in preventing postsurgical recurrence of traumatogenic temporomandibular joint ankylosis: a retrospective review of 17 consecutive cases.
This offers a particularly valuable idea when considering the traumatogenic origins of the severe perversions: right from the developmental outset, sexuality is linked to self-preservation and survival.
But Freud makes it perfectly clear that the fetish will never purify its signifying achievements of the originary encounter with the traumatogenic real: thus fetishism aspires to an idealist mode of representation that it is forever doomed to ironise.
For instance, even though we know about the depth of racism in our history and its profoundly traumatogenic potential (though this gets little or no attention in formal training
The Bundeswehr Central Hospital is a specialized hospital with traumatogenic emergency care, Center for Interdisciplinary Vascular Medicine, cardiac surgery, oncology center and center head.
New knowledge in the sphere of basic research and in the modern field in question have formed preconditions and substantial possibilities of technique in case of conventional orthopaedic surgical operations such as correction of uneven length and deformations of limbs, osteosynthesis, but particularly in possibilities of replacements of worn-out degenerative joints either on the developing, inflammatory, traumatogenic, metabolic grounds or in the postoperative states (Kl'oc, 2009).
Veterans of the war and antiwar activists were active in the invention of the disorder, because it was seen as a means for framing war as fundamentally traumatogenic, because it was thought that it would make military psychologists more responsive to veterans' needs, while at the same time it could provide a basis for benefits and disability claims.
This model suggests the "potential for retrospective, traumatic identity-construction" and thus implicates patriarchy itself as "a normatively traumatogenic institution" (100).
Veterans of WWII, like combat veterans from wars before and since, suffer from a variety of traumatogenic disorders and co-morbid conditions.