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1. the physical or psychic state resulting from an injury or wound.
2. a wound.
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, pl.




(traw'mă, -mă-tă),
An injury, physical or mental. Synonym(s): traumatism
[G. wound]
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(trô′mə-tĭz′əm, trou′-)
1. The physical or psychological condition produced by trauma.
2. A wound or injury.
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(1) The mental or physical state caused by an injury or wound.
(2) An injury or wound itself.

Traumatism is not commonly used in the working medical parlance; trauma is widely preferred.
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, pl. traumata, traumas (traw'mă, -mă-tă, -măz)
An injury, physical or mental.
Synonym(s): traumatism.
[G. wound]
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Patient discussion about traumatism

Q. Is it possible to get ADHD from suffering a traumatizing incident? lately, after the death of my Grandmother. I have been increasingly getting the symptoms of ADHD. I have suffered from some of the symptoms during my childhood, but now they are increasingly occurring. And I am finding it really hard to listen to Teachers, follow instructions and do coursework. Is it possible this was caused by the death of my grandmother?

A. I think you should look up depression. ADHD is something that does not “pop”, more reasonable to think is that you suffer from a slight depression. Check it out and see if it fits :

Q. Save my husband. My husband was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 2001 but in 2003 traumatic events happened in our life due to a house fire, my husband was manic round the clock to the point where he was going to do harm to himself or someone else. I begged his doctor to institutionalize him to regulate his meds and to help him to deal with the traumatic thing that happened to us. But my doctor refused saying he couldn't do it against his will. No one would listen to my begging. Please help my husband. My husband ended up doing something that caused him to be in prison today, still not getting help. Is there anything I can do to help my husband to go to a place that will help him rather than making his mental state worse?

A. Take him to your local emergency room. tell the treage nurse you need to talk to a crisis worker. Go in with him and talk to the crisis worker about the things he has been doing and that he has bipolar disorder. Explain that he IS a danger to himself and others. They will probalbly want to speak with him alone but that is the best way to get him the help he needs. See if they can refer him to a mood disorder clinic to help him in the long run.
Stay strong and try to help him get the help he needs... Protect yourself in the meantime.

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Persecution is a traumatism, violence par excellence, without warning, without a priori, without the possibility of apology, without logos" (Levinas, "Substitution," Basic Philosophical Writings, trans.
For instance, Romania is on the first position in the heart disease death statistics, on the sixth place in the lung disease death statistics and on the third position in the high blood pressure death statistics, on the fourth position in the liver disease death statistics, on the eighth position in the colon cancer death statistics, on the ninth position in the stomach cancer death statistics, on the eleventh position in the breast cancer death statistics, on the twelfth position in the suicidal death statistics, on the thirteenth position in the road accident death statistics, on the seventeenth position in the diabetes death statistics, on the forty-seventh position in the birth traumatism death statistics.
within the walls of resistance, and, behind the back of the owner, it inscribes there the law of the other.' (25) The haunting gets increasingly internalized, with the ghosts being reduced to the repressed 'other', mere manifestation of patients' traumatism. A spectral site of haunting that is being 're-infiltrate[d]'.
Clinical evolution after self-induced or accidental traumatism: A controlled study of the extent and the specificity of suicidal catharsis.
In "Substitution," Levinas asserts that this structural susceptibility emerges "in suffering, in the original traumatism and return to self, where I am responsible for what I did not will, absolutely responsible for the persecution I undergo..." (quoted in Butler 2005, 88-89).
the distance of what is near), and the disruption of our safe detachment from events occurring in other spaces or times, through some sort of telesensing, or telaesthetic traumatism (i.e.
Therefore Laplanche goes back to the seduction hypothesis with a difference--any interaction between the child and the adult world contains a potential for the element of retroactive traumatism that Freud had identified in his early formulation of the seduction hypothesis.
Emergency laparoscopy at AC differs by little traumatism and low frequency of complications in the nearest post-operative period (Nikolopoulos, 2009).
This fear of the future recalls another post-9/11 notion referred to by Derrida, who argues that events "to come" are worse than any event itself: "Traumatism is produced by the future, by the to come, by the threat of the worst to come, rather than by an aggression that is 'over and done with'" (Borradori 97, emphasis in source).