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1. the physical or psychic state resulting from an injury or wound.
2. a wound.


, pl.




(traw'mă, -mă-tă),
An injury, physical or mental. Synonym(s): traumatism
[G. wound]


/trau·ma·tism/ (traw´mah-tizm)
1. the physical or psychic state resulting from an injury or wound.
2. a wound or injury.


(trô′mə-tĭz′əm, trou′-)
1. The physical or psychological condition produced by trauma.
2. A wound or injury.


(1) The mental or physical state caused by an injury or wound.
(2) An injury or wound itself.

Traumatism is not commonly used in the working medical parlance; trauma is widely preferred.


, pl. traumata, traumas (traw'mă, -mă-tă, -măz)
An injury, physical or mental.
Synonym(s): traumatism.
[G. wound]


1. the physical state resulting from an injury or wound. See also shock.
2. a wound.

Patient discussion about traumatism

Q. Is it possible to get ADHD from suffering a traumatizing incident? lately, after the death of my Grandmother. I have been increasingly getting the symptoms of ADHD. I have suffered from some of the symptoms during my childhood, but now they are increasingly occurring. And I am finding it really hard to listen to Teachers, follow instructions and do coursework. Is it possible this was caused by the death of my grandmother?

A. I think you should look up depression. ADHD is something that does not “pop”, more reasonable to think is that you suffer from a slight depression. Check it out and see if it fits :

Q. Save my husband. My husband was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 2001 but in 2003 traumatic events happened in our life due to a house fire, my husband was manic round the clock to the point where he was going to do harm to himself or someone else. I begged his doctor to institutionalize him to regulate his meds and to help him to deal with the traumatic thing that happened to us. But my doctor refused saying he couldn't do it against his will. No one would listen to my begging. Please help my husband. My husband ended up doing something that caused him to be in prison today, still not getting help. Is there anything I can do to help my husband to go to a place that will help him rather than making his mental state worse?

A. Take him to your local emergency room. tell the treage nurse you need to talk to a crisis worker. Go in with him and talk to the crisis worker about the things he has been doing and that he has bipolar disorder. Explain that he IS a danger to himself and others. They will probalbly want to speak with him alone but that is the best way to get him the help he needs. See if they can refer him to a mood disorder clinic to help him in the long run.
Stay strong and try to help him get the help he needs... Protect yourself in the meantime.

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Installing of roadside safety guardrails may reduce traumatism and losses caused by traffic accidents.
He praised good nativism as based on a preserved identity and assumed political autonomy, and opposed it to a nasty will to power, based on irrational anti-White feelings: a neurotic attitude following a strong culture contact traumatism, for which past acculturation is held responsible.
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The glucocorticoids can be applied in the treatment of and endless number of diseases such as: allergies, immunomediated diseases, septal shock, cardiogenic shock, central nerve system traumatism and vertebral column traumas.
As soon as there is One, there is murder, wounding traumatism.
Fanon adds, "if there is a traumatism it occurs during those years.
For them, the exhilaration that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union, followed by the traumatism of not being immune in the aftermath of September 11, had created the illusion that world problems may best be solved by military means.
There was no history of prior endocarditis, drug abuse, traumatism, or concomitant disease.
it is precisely this non-integrated surplus of senseless traumatism which confers on the Law its unconditional authority: in other words, which--in so far as it escapes ideological sense--sustains what we might call the ideological jouis-sense, enjoyment-in-sense (enjoy-meant), proper to ideology [zizek 1989: 43-4].
If I spoke a moment ago of an event and of indestructibility, it is because already, at the dawn of this very new and ever so ancient thing, we know that, even should humanity some day come to control the virus (it will take at least a generation), still, even in the most unconscious symbolic zones, the traumatism has irreversibly affected our experience of desire and of what we blithely call intersubjectivity, the relation to the alter ego, and so forth.
Here the author entered an area not only of pure politics and representation, but also of social traumatism and the collective unconscious.