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Plural of trauma.
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Plural of trauma.
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(tro'ma, trow' ) ('ma-ta) plural.traumata, traumas [Gr. trauma, a wound]
1. A physical injury or wound caused by external force or violence. It may be self-inflicted. In the U.S., trauma is the principal cause of death between the ages of 1 and 44. In addition to each death from trauma, there are at least two cases of permanent disability caused by trauma. The principal types of trauma include motor vehicle collisions, military service, falls, burns, gunshot wounds, and drowning. Most deaths occur in the first several hours after the event.
2. An emotional or psychological shock that may produce disordered feelings or behavior.

a severity characterization of trauma

See: a severity characterization of trauma

acoustic trauma

Injury to hearing by noise, esp. loud noise.

birth trauma

1. Injury to the fetus during the birthing process.
2. Otto Rank's term to describe what he considered the basic source of anxiety in human beings, the birth process. The importance of this concept is controversial.

blunt cardiac trauma

Blunt cardiac injury.

blunt trauma

A wound in which the surface of the skin remains intact, caused by impact or collision with a blunt object, e.g., an automobile fender.
Synonym: nonpenetrating wound

head trauma

Injury to the head, esp. to the scalp and cranium, that may be limited to soft tissue damage or may include the cranial bones and the brain.

multiple trauma

Serious injury to two or more regions of the body.

occlusal trauma

Any injury to part of the masticatory system as a result of malocclusion or occlusal dysfunction. It may be abrupt in its development in response to a restoration or ill-fitting prosthetic device, or result from years of tooth wear, drift, or faulty oral habits. It may produce adverse periodontal changes, tooth mobility or excessive wear, pain in the temporomandibular joints, or spasms and pain in the muscles of mastication.

psychic trauma

A painful emotional experience that may cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, flashbacks, or other psychological symptoms.

revised scale trauma

Abbreviation: RTS
An assessment tool to gauge the severity of a patient's injuries, e.g., after a fall, gunshot wound, or auto accident. It consists of measurements of blood pressure and respiratory rate and the Glasgow Coma Scale. A lower score indicates more severe injuries and a greater likelihood of death.

toothbrush trauma

Abrasion or grooving of teeth and gingival injury or recession as a result of improper brushing with a stiff-textured brush.

vehicular trauma

A collision involving an auto, truck, van, or motorcycle in which one or more passengers or pedestrians are injured.
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