trauma assessment

trau·ma as·sess·ment

(traw'mă ă-ses'mĕnt)
Evaluation of the traumatized patient after treating life threats found in the initial assessment; a full body examination of the trauma patient by EMS personnel.
Synonym(s): secondary survey.
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Targeted interventions should become part of the routine activities that occur in school, mental health, juvenile justice, and community settings and should include comprehensive trauma assessment and treatment.
The 15 sites that were awarded Safe Start Promising Approaches grants are: Western Michigan University, Children's Trauma Assessment Center, $419,488; Massachusetts General Hospital Chelsea Health-Care Center, $414,326; University of Miami Department of Psychology, $420,000; New York Presbyterian Hospital Ambulatory Care Hospital, $420,000; St.
When at-risk students are identified, school counselors may use common trauma assessment instruments for children and adolescents such as the Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children (Briere, 1996), the children's version of the Impact of Events Scale-Revised (Weiss & Marmar, 1997), the Revised Children's Manifest Anxiety Scale (Reynolds & Richmond, 1985), and the Children's Depression Inventory (Kovacs, 1992).
29-30: Workshop: Trauma assessment and treatment; Toronto; SafeGuard Training; www.
Rapid trauma assessment at point of injury, plus post-combat traumatic brain injury and PTSD evaluation, diagnosis and treatment --as well as taking a proactive approach to mental and behavioral problems-- are among the highlights of the educational program at the Military Healthcare Convention & Conference , June 13-16, 2011 at the Henry B.
No counselling, no trauma assessment and scant help for those disabled by war.
FAST has largely supplanted diagnostic peritoneal lavage for blunt trauma assessment.
This project created a simple acute trauma assessment tool for children under 18 years old to be used by first responders, including fire departments, police departments, and the Red Cross.
Children's Hospital and Health Center, San Diego -- $600,000 per year to expand their center's role in the identification and dissemination of the Trauma Assessment Pathway (TAP) model and other evidence based practices, for children traumatized by maltreatment, neglect or exposure to interpersonal violence.
1 : Workshop: Trauma assessment & treatment; Toronto; SafeGuard Training; www.
Through my work in these specialties, I have conducted evaluations on abuse and neglect, custody determinations, divorce mediation, trauma assessment and play therapy.
Since the first customer shipment in 1999, SonoSite ultrasound devices are increasingly being used for procedures where physicians need inexpensive, non-radiating imaging in such diverse applications such as real-time trauma assessment in emergency situations, guiding interventional procedures such as biopsies, nerve blocks and surgery, and in the imaging lab for full diagnostic examinations.