trauma assessment

trau·ma as·sess·ment

(traw'mă ă-ses'mĕnt)
Evaluation of the traumatized patient after treating life threats found in the initial assessment; a full body examination of the trauma patient by EMS personnel.
Synonym(s): secondary survey.
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Brill said he helped put his daughter on a board and do a quick trauma assessment. Both kids were transported to Advocate Sherman Hospital, then doctors decided the girl should be moved to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge.
He is a co-founder of the Southwest Michigan Children's Trauma Assessment Center (CTAC) at WMU and fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association.
Future research could include the TABS as a trauma assessment for child survivors of abuse, offering results with greater clinical utility.
In cases where diagnostic imaging suites are sited next to trauma assessment areas, the machinery can now be wheeled in as required, saving vital time in analysing trauma and starting the appropriate treatment.
Consumer perceptions of trauma assessment and intervention in substance abuse treatment.
Designed as a quick reference guide, this book is perfect for trauma assessment and emergency canine management, and discusses all kinds of symptoms and vet responses.
Material and Methods: Following the action research methodology, community participation was emphasized and teachers, parents and other stake holders participated in meetings and through consultative process each step of trauma assessment and management was finalized.
Subjects demonstrated with hands-on training including rapid trauma assessment; fresh whole blood transfusion (the process of giving blood drawn recently (under 24 hours) and not separated into its components); pediatric trauma; intraosseous infusion devices currently in use such as the FAST 1 and EZ-IO; airway management including intubation and surgical cricothyroidotomy; thoracic trauma; junctional tourniquets; and emergency surgical skills performed in an environment simulating a deployed setting.
In some cases, like ours, herniation of abdominal contents likely develops after the first trauma assessment. While a penetrating diaphragmatic injury from a rib fracture is typically small and may be initially inconspicuous, it will likely enlarge over time as negative intrathoracic pressure with inspiration gradually promotes herniation of abdominal contents into the chest [2, 8].
Taxonomy of trauma and trauma assessment. Traumatology, 7, 73-86.
The first of four meetings is being held tomorrow, to discuss proposals for improving urgent cardiology services, and emergency surgery and trauma assessment.