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C (Under-processed): The transverse section of the jejunum of rats fed with under processed fluted pumpkin seeds.
prominent, irregularly ax-shaped in transverse section, vascularized by
All the otolith preparation techniques, except the PIS transverse sections of sagitta from juveniles, underestimated the age from hatching by 9-10 days.
Epidermis of YLG was unisseriate with isodiametric and rectangular cells in transverse section, turning into papilose ones and covered with a slightly more thickened cuticle at the ostiolar region (Fig.
Two accessory growth centers are visible on any transverse section of juvenile otoliths between the 13th and the 28th microincrements.
In any case, the measured MD temperature profile in the middle section of film represents the line of the lowest temperatures along the transverse section.
This involves the flatness in the longitudinal and transverse section (TP1) and to the value characteristics (surface).
Graphs illustrating the FEA-obtained temperature distribution on transverse section, corresponding to CS-SS welding process after 8s, and 70s, respectively, are presented in Fig.
Age and growth of the ribbon fish, Trichiurus lepturus based on the transverse section of the otolith.
execution of the services in 2 longitudinal sections as well as additionally in 3 transverse sections (1st south approx.
The measurement was conducted in transverse sections at several downstream positions in the near wake of the wheel.

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