transverse rectal folds

trans·verse rec·tal folds

, transverse folds of rectum (trans-vĕrs' rek'tăl fōldz, rek'tŭm)
The three or four crescentic folds placed horizontally in the rectal mucous membrane; the superior rectal fold is situated near the beginning of the rectum on the left side; the middle rectal fold (Nélaton fold) is most prominent and consistent and projects from the right side about 8 cm above the anus (approximately the level of the floor of the rectouterine or rectovesical pouch); the inferior rectal fold is on the left side about 5 cm above the anus.
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John, Irish physician, 1802-1845.
Houston folds - Synonym(s): transverse rectal folds
Houston muscle - a variation of the bulbospongiosus muscle in the penis. Synonym(s): compressor venae dorsalis penis
Houston valves - Synonym(s): transverse rectal folds


Otto L.B., German physician, 1811-1854.
Kohlrausch muscle - the longitudinal muscles of the rectal wall.
Kohlrausch valves - Synonym(s): transverse rectal folds
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