transverse head

trans·verse head

head of origin of a muscle that is transversely situated. Terminologia Anatomica lists transverse heads (caput transversum ...) of the following: 1) adductor hallucis [TA] (... musculi adductoris hallucis [TA]); and 2) adductor pollicis [TA] (... musculi adductoris pollicis [TA]).
Synonym(s): caput transversum [TA]
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hedayati Buhl, 2010, from Tanzania in respect of head shape but with more transverse head, much shorter antennae, smoother T2, and lighter-coloured body appendages.
However, P malaisei Buhl, 2005, has a more transverse head, mid lobe of mesoscutum shorter, propodeal carinae slightly divergent, and female metasoma as long as rest of body.
The change in the magnitude of the resultant boom force reaction during a transition from arcing to lifting is relatively high for the transverse heads, depending on cutting head design.