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And we marked the point X on the forearm which is nearly the middle point of the forearms' transverse diameter where it is becoming smaller dramatically.
The antero-posterior diameter (DAP) at the base is 67 mm and the transverse diameter (DT) at the base is 92.5 mm giving an index of compression 72 (index of compression followed by Hooijer, 1958).
Average values of fruit transverse diameter (TDF), longitudinal diameter of the fruit (LDF), flesh thickness (PT) and production per plant (P/P) of watermelon fruits according to the number of fruits per plant.
In the present study, the Trendelenburg position increased the mean transverse diameter from 1.47 cm to 1.55 cm (5.4% increase) and the anteroposterior diameter from 1.14 cm to 1.24 cm (8.7% increase), but these increases were not significant.
The maximum transverse diameter in our study was ranged from 2 to 24.8 cm with a mean maximum diameter of 7.8cm.
Although [C.sub.6] had the longest transverse diameter of CC (TDCC) (387.92 [micro]m), there were no statistically significant differences among the TDCC of the segments (Figure 2(c), P > 0.05).
n of right antenna, IO, D and d: minimum distance between compound eyes, antero-posterior diameter, and transverse diameter of right compound eye respectively, in front view of head, PO: d/D.
The odds ratio for a spontaneous abortion was highest, 3.93, for women with small fibroids with a maximum transverse diameter < 3 cm.
However, the width of third and fourth venticles, pons transverse and anteroposterior width of one hundred eighty four healthy subjects; whereas, the frontal horn width and brain transverse diameter of two hundred sixty five subjects were measured.
Potatoes - edible: yellow, ripe tubers, healthy, clean, dry, one varietal, with a shape typical of a given variety, with good taste, without empty spaces, with a transverse diameter of min.
Variable Uvaia type (populations) large fruits small fruits Chromaticity (C) 47.71 53.63 Whole fruit weight (g) 22.00 8.25 Seeds (%) 5.53 12.55 Pulp yield (%) 94.47 87.45 Longitudinal diameter (LD) (cm) 3.08 2.00 Transverse diameter (TD) (cm) 3.92 2.75 Firmness (gf [cm.sup.-2]) 81.98 151.62 pH 3.06 2.96 Total soluble solids (TSS) ([degrees]Brix) 7.75 10.50 Total titratable acidity (TTA) (% citric acid) 1.63 1.67 TSS/TTA ratio 4.85 6.14 Total soluble sugars (g glucose 100 [g.sup.-1]) 4.41 5.61 Soluble pectins (% galacturonic acid 100 [g.sup.-1] pulp) 0.17 0.18 Total pectins (% galacturonic acid 100 [g.sup.-1] pulp) 0.95 0.95 Variable C.V.
Notch with longer maximum depth (MD) than transverse diameter (fig.

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