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extending from side to side; situated at right angles to the long axis.


(trans-vers'), [TA] Do not confuse this word with traverse.
Crosswise; lying across the long axis of the body or of a part.
Synonym(s): transversalis [TA], transversus [TA]
[L. transversus]

trans·ver·sa·lis fas·ci·a

the lining fascia of the anterolateral abdominal wall, between the inner surface of the abdominal musculature, specifically the transverse abdominal muscle, and the peritoneum.
Synonym(s): fascia transversalis [TA]


/trans·ver·sa·lis/ (trans″ver-sa´lis) [L.] transverse.


[L.] transverse.

transversalis fascia
the fascia between the peritoneum and the abdominal muscles.
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The experiment was conducted on to determine the effect natural diets (Aphis nerii) on the biology of Coccinella transversalis Fab.
transversalis fue nula en los tratamientos, excepto en el testigo, donde se presento al final del ciclo del cultivo en una incidencia de 10% y severidad de 1%.
The shutter mechanism could be overwhelmed, particularly in men over 50 years who have weakening of the abdominal muscles, the shutter and the fascia transversalis.
Requiring minimal dissection, the diamond-shaped underlay is easily deployed, seating it firmly against the floor of the transversalis fascia.
Similarly, for Modified Bassini's repair, polypropylene 2-0 was used for suturing double breasted layers of Transversalis fascia and suturing conjoined tendon to inguinal ligament in two layers and extracanalisation of spermatic cords done.
Age and stage specific life-table of Coccinella transversalis with regards to various temperatures.
Table 1: Computed tomography grading of rectus sheath haematoma (5) Type Description I The haematoma is intramuscular, unilateral and does not dissect along the fascial planes II The haematoma can be unilateral or bilateral, with blood between the muscle and the transversalis fascia III Blood is seen to track along the fascial lines, into the peritoneum and the prevesical space
It is simple, safe, tension free, permanent, does not use weakened muscle or transversalis fascia for repair, and does not require any prosthetic mesh.
Hippodamia convergens, Coccinella septempunctata Coccinella transversalis, Coccinella undecimpunctata, Brumus sutuaralis and Menochilus sexmaculatus are common predators of arthropod insect pests of many crops [3;4,5].
With the incision of the transversalis fascia, the posterior pararenal space was bluntly created as remotely as possible with an index finger pushing the peritoneum forward.
Indicators of monogamy in the commensal crab Pinnixa transversalis (Milne Edwards & Lucas) (Decapoda: Brachyura: Pinnotheridae): population distribution, male--female association and sexual dimorphism.
The inguinal hernia may be indirect if passing through the deep inguinal ring or direct, resulting from weakness in the transversalis fascia in the posterior wall of the inguinal canal.