Passing across or through either the tentorial notch or tentorium cerebelli.
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As a result, all these pathologies cause severe cerebral damage resulting in decreased cerebral perfusion and transtentorial herniation in response to cerebral oedema formation and increased intracranial pressure.
(8,9) Serial pupillometer values have been shown to correlate with intracranial pressure (ICP) (4,10,11) and signs of transtentorial brain herniation (12) and may be an important predictor of outcome after cardiac arrest.
The neuroimaging revealed a large intraaxial heterogeneous mass lesion in the left frontal and anterior parietal lobe associated with a 1.3 cm right midline shift, effacement of suprasellar cistern, and obliteration of the perimesencephalic cistern likely representing transtentorial descending herniation.
In the absence of unilateral subdural hematomas, most cases of IH produce central incisural herniation, rather than the more common asymmetric, or paracentral downward transtentorial herniation typically associated with asymmetric supratentorial mass effect.
Brainstem hemorrhage in descending transtentorial herniation (Duret hemorrhage).
Results are often nonspecific and neurologic decline as well as transtentorial herniation after lumbar puncture has been well documented and can lead to fatal consequences [4, 7, 8].
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