Indicating transmission of a nerve impulse across a synapse.
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Despite evidence supporting tau spreading through a transsynaptic or transneuronal propagation pathway, recent work has challenged this view.
For the analysis of connectivity and network function, we will use transsynaptic labeling and in vivo electrophysiology.
In the developing brain, it is known that hypoxicischemia is followed by retrograde and antegrade "Wallerian" transsynaptic degeneration of (e.
Previous study indicated that c-Fos expression in the brain was induced by transsynaptic stimulation (69).
Using pseudo-rabies virus (PRV) as a transsynaptic neural tracer, a basis for the central integration of swallowing and airway-protective reflexes can be located in the neural circuits projecting to swallowing-related muscles.
changes in the levels of neurotransmitters and disruption of connective structures at synaptic or transsynaptic levels may explain the delay between operation and onset of mutism (6, 8, 30).
Projection neurons of the vSUB (as well as the mPFC) are glutamatergic in nature, thus suggesting that these cells engage in transsynaptic inhibition of the PVN following activation by stress.
2005a, 2005b) and that kisspeptin can act as a transsynaptic modulator for conveying estradiol feedback to GnRH neurons (Navarro and Tena-Sempere 2008).
VNS causes rapidly occurring changes in regional blood flow and transsynaptic neurotransmission in patients as measured by positron emission tomography (PET).
Clinical electrophysiological studies suggest that transsynaptic degeneration occurred in the lower motor neurons, while pathological evidence is lacked.
Improper synapse formation and decreased synaptic function interfere with transsynaptic signals that are critical to the release of trophic factors that sustain neuronal integrity (Frade and Barde 1998; Schwartz 1991).
Glaucoma of the brain: a disease model for the study of transsynaptic neural degeneration.