Descriptive term applied to the enzymes catalyzing, among others, the following reactions involving sulfur-containing compounds: 1) cystathionine → cysteine + α-ketobutyrate + NH3 (cystathionine γ-lyase); 2) cystathionine → homocysteine + pyruvate + NH3 (cystathionine β-lyase); 3) cystine → thiocysteine + pyruvate + NH3 (cystathionine γ-lyase); 4) cystathionine → serine + homocysteine (cystathionine synthase).
Synonym(s): transulfurase
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Detoxification can also include administration of thiosulfate, which is incorporated into thiocyanate by rhodanese (a mitochondrial transsulfurase enzyme) and excreted in the urine.