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1. A cross-section.
2. Cutting across.
Synonym(s): transsection
[trans- + L. seco, pp. sectus, to cut]
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1. A cross-section.
2. Cutting across.
Synonym(s): transsection.
[trans- + L. seco, pp. sectus, to cut]
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, transsection (tran-sek′shŏn) [ trans- + section]
A cutting made across a long axis; a cross section.
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In transsection it resembles the multilamellar array in Figure 7A except for being more compressed, in keeping with the smaller space within the S.
(12) Furthermore, 3D CT arteriography allows for accurate planning of the transsection plane in live-related donor transplantation.
Mechanisms of injury include crushing from a clamp, ligation with a suture, transsection or resection, and ureteral or periureteral scarring.
Open brain surgery started in the 1930s and included partial resections of the motor cortex, pyramidotomy, resection of the head of caudate nuclei, and transsection of the ansa lenticularis.
Indications for endovascular repair were degenerative aneurysm in 45, degenerative aneurysm and penetrating ulcer in 2, only penetrating ulcer in 1, traumatic thoracic isthmic transsection in 4 and vasculitic aneurysm secondary to Behcet's disease in 2 patients.