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In its defending argument, the Luxembourg government did not challenge its failure to transpose the Directive within the given deadline.
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The Commission is also examining the situation in other Member States to which it has addressed letters of formal notice and/or reasoned opinions for failing to transpose the Renewable Energy Directive.
Reasoned opinions are also being sent to Italy, Poland and Germany for their failure to transpose - or for having only partially transposed - two directives on technical harmonisation for vessels authorised to navigate in EU inland waterways (Directives 2008/126/EC and 2009/46/EC).
Criticism has been levelled at the majority of EU member states for failing to transpose the 2005 directive on researchers' visa (2005/71/EC) into national law.
On 5 May, the executive referred this country to the EU Court of Justice for failure to transpose the directive outside the field of employment.
The European Commission sent, on 27 June, a final warning (reasoned opinion) to Belgium and Italy, informing them that they will face renewed court action and possible fines if they do not fully transpose EU environmental laws over which they were condemned by the EU Court of Justice last year.
The European Commission is referring Poland and Finland to the Court of Justice of the European Union for failing to fully transpose the EU internal energy market rules.
Poland will also be referred to the EU Court for its failure to transpose (by the deadline of 23 September 2005) Directive 2003/41/EC on the activities and supervision of institutions for occupational retirement provision.
The Commission considered that the transposing legislation failed to properly transpose Articles 4, 5 and 7.
Member states had until 29 June 2008 to transpose the directive.
The European Union Court of Justice issued a ruling on October 6 (C-79/98) condemning Belgium's failure to transpose into national law the Directive concerning the harmonisation of Member States' legislation on the classification, packaging and labelling of hazardous substances.