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Through the pleura or across the pleural cavity; on the other side of the pleura.
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La presion que mantiene los alveolos abiertos, la presion transpleural, resulta de la diferencia entre la presion alveolar y la presion pleural.
19-21) Delayed diagnosis of a transpleural access and failure to institute proper treatment resulted in the death of two patients and a severe complication in a third (Table 3).
The transpleural route has associated risks of pneumothorax and delayed empyaema, and, although it has been used relatively safely in a series of post-splenectomy collections, (3) should probably be reserved for when other options have been exhausted and after clear explanation of the possible risks to the patient and his/her doctor.
This study includes 34 cases of pott's paraplegia treated with anterior trans-thoracic, transpleural approach to the spine with complete or partial corpectomy with rib graft.