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A subclass of transferases (EC subclass 2.7) transferring phosphorus-containing groups. Phosphotransferases include the "kinases" (2.7.1) transferring phosphate to alcohols, to carboxyl groups (2.7.2), to nitrogenous groups (2.7.3), or to another phosphate group (2.7.4). Phosphomutases (5.4.2) catalyze apparent intramolecular transfers; pyrophosphokinases (2.7.6) catalyze transfer of the pyrophosphate group; nucleotidyltransferases (2.7.7) catalyze transfer of the nucleotide (nucleotidyl) groups (including polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferase) and other similar groups (2.7.8).
Synonym(s): transphosphatases
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Zn is required for the activity of various enzymes, such as dehydrogenases, aldolases, isomerases, transphosphorylases, RNA and DNA polymerases (Swietlik, 1999).
ACP (EC and ALP (EC catalyze the hydrolysis of various phosphate-containing compounds and act as transphosphorylases at acid and alkaline pH, respectively.
The reason may be due to this fact that, in higher plants zinc is either required for, or at least modulates, the activity of a large number of various types of enzymes, including dehydrogenases, aldolases, isomerases and transphosphorylases. Many zinc-dependent enzymes are involved in carbohydrate metabolism in general and of leaves in particular.