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In ultrasound, describes a region of a relatively unattenuating medium. A distinction should be made between a transonic region and an acoustic echo.
[trans- + sonic]
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Numerical modeling of flow control in a boundary-layer-ingesting offset inlet diffuser at transonic mach numbers, 44th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit, Reno, Nevada.
The motivation of this study is to generate the training data efficiently for a range of flight parameters including mean angle of attack and Mach number in a transonic flight regime.
The Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model, which is highly efficient and suitable for the 3D flow with strong pressure gradient, moderate curvature, and separating flows such as transonic compressor internal flow [11, 23], is adopted to take the turbulence effects into account.
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Se llevaron a cabo 14 sesiones de hemodialisis con cada uno de los dispositivos recogiendose en todos los casos las presiones arteriales y venosas, el dolor producido por los diferentes dispositivos, los tiempos de hemostasia y los flujos de acceso (QT) a traves del monitor Transonic HD02.
The Tricomi equation [1] is the second-order linear partial differential equations of mixed type, which had been applied to describe the theory of plane transonic flow [2-7].
The James Webb Space Telescope due for launch in 2018 as the successor to the venerable Hubble telescope has to endure the noise and vibration of the 145 dB interaction between rocket engines and launchpad, the jarring transonic climb phase, the pyroshock as stages separate, turbulent boundary layer excitation, and more.
The operating Mach number is usually less than 0.8 for a subsonic cascade, but can go up to 2.0 and more at the tip of a transonic blade assembly.
[23], for the shock waves in a transonic region, compression rate is independent of the Reynolds number.