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(trăns-mĭt′, trănz-)
1. To send from one person, thing, or place to another; convey.
2. To cause (an infection, for example) to spread; pass on.
3. To impart or convey to others by heredity or inheritance; hand down.

trans·mit′ta·ble adj.


To transfer data electronically (e.g., from subjects to clinical study sites, between sites) to contract research organisations, data management centres, sponsors or regulatory authorities.

Patient discussion about transmit

Q. SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES how many types are there?

A. Gonorrhea, syphillis, Hepatitis B, Human Papilloma Virus, HIV, urethritis..
The rest of the list, I think lixurion had already shared you the link, just read on that link..

Q. Can blood cancer be transmitted? If I, let’s just say, cut my self. Then someone’s blood came in contact of my wound. Can I get blood cancer too? Is it like AIDS?

A. Cancer is not contagious not even hereditary, but always protect yourself and stay away from touching or getting in close contact with other people's blood.

Q. Is hepatitis a sexually transmitted disease? I mean hepatitis B and C mainly…

A. yes, hepatitis B is an STD, while hepatitis C is less likely caused by sexual transmitted disease.
hepatitis C usually transmitted through drugs usage and blood transfusion

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Considering the cost of energy used for lighting and HVAC operation due to conventional films inability to transmit sufficient visible light, the payback for conventional film and spectrally selective film becomes comparable.
0], the probability that a node is in state i and the backoff timer is expired, that is, a node will transmit a packet in state i.
Though Serial ATA transmits only a single bit per clock, the serial bus may be run at a much higher speed to compensate for the loss of parallelism.
Organizations that transmit data have several options in selecting a data transmission medium, although not all are available in every locality.
Samples of the TQM6M5001 GSM/EDGE quad-band transmit module are available now.
If you think of one-to-many applications using our radio example, then many-to-many applications would be the equivalent of a CB radio, where each end device can receive or transmit information to a channel.
Photo: The iguana, the most popular reptile pet in the United States, can transmit salmonella, which is rising in the United States, according to a study by researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
An alternative is for the CPA to directly transmit the information to the Service.
For those who want to transmit files directly to the IRS, there is no per-file charge.
A new IBM transceiver, an integrated device which can transmit and receive record-breaking amounts of high-speed data in optical form, has been developed.
The potential to transmit SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) to large numbers of contacts is likely influenced by factors associated with the host, agent, and environment.
POLARIS 3 integrates full quad-band GPRS/EDGE RF transmit/receive paths, the transmit switch, receive SAW filters and associated matching components in a TOTAL RADIO implementation that optimizes all combined functions - from antenna to baseband - for improved transmit efficiency and increased receive sensitivity.