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(trăns-mĭt′, trănz-)
1. To send from one person, thing, or place to another; convey.
2. To cause (an infection, for example) to spread; pass on.
3. To impart or convey to others by heredity or inheritance; hand down.

trans·mit′ta·ble adj.


To transfer data electronically (e.g., from subjects to clinical study sites, between sites) to contract research organisations, data management centres, sponsors or regulatory authorities.

Patient discussion about transmit

Q. SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES how many types are there?

A. Gonorrhea, syphillis, Hepatitis B, Human Papilloma Virus, HIV, urethritis..
The rest of the list, I think lixurion had already shared you the link, just read on that link..

Q. Can blood cancer be transmitted? If I, let’s just say, cut my self. Then someone’s blood came in contact of my wound. Can I get blood cancer too? Is it like AIDS?

A. Cancer is not contagious not even hereditary, but always protect yourself and stay away from touching or getting in close contact with other people's blood.

Q. Is hepatitis a sexually transmitted disease? I mean hepatitis B and C mainly…

A. yes, hepatitis B is an STD, while hepatitis C is less likely caused by sexual transmitted disease.
hepatitis C usually transmitted through drugs usage and blood transfusion

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He added: "The Desso/Philips light transmissive carpet has been borne from a desire to create innovative interior design installations that contribute to people's health and wellbeing delivering meaningful solutions that matter to businesses and organisations.
A transmissive approach, sometimes referred to as a traditional or conservative approach, reflects one of two major educational viewpoints that have emerged and present themselves in contemporary American public schools; the other viewpoint is that of progressivism (Doll, 1996).
Philips and Desso - global leaders in lighting and carpets respectively - today announce a partnership agreement to develop solutions that combine LED lighting with light transmissive carpet.
These LCDs provide customers with a choice of two operating modes (depending on the ambient light environment), a transmissive mode employing a backlight system as the spectral source and a reflective mode employing ambient light as the spectral source.
The electrowetting technology, which operates in transmissive, reflective, transparent and transflective modes, enables the creation of displays with bright, colorful images with dramatically reduced power consumption.
7-inch display modules offer a choice of two operating modes: a transmissive mode employing a backlight system as the spectral source and a reflective mode employing ambient light as the spectral source.
Semi-transmissive LCDs give customers a choice of two operating modes depending on the ambient light environment; one is the transmissive mode that uses a backlight system as a spectral source and the other is a reflective mode that uses an ambient light as a spectral source.
Generally, portable information display instruments use either transmissive or transflective LCD modules that can operate in both transmissive mode (using the light from the backlight) and reflective mode (using the available ambient light).
Utilizing a combination of advanced transmissive and transflective display technologies with passive enhancements, TransRadiant Display technology delivers superior brightness in both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions while requiring no more power than a standard notebook display.
Entertaining games enabled by next-generational, HD Transmissive Reels technology, which is standard on all Bluebird2 mechanical reel gaming machines, with larger and wider reels, high-definition graphics, amazingly clear resolution and bright lighting on a crystal-clear wide screen that provides a powerful platform and stunning solution for the stepper portion of the casino floor in a networked gaming environment
Building upon its leadership in the mobile display sector, Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands (AXE: PHI; NYSE: PHG) today unveiled a transmissive thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) color solution for the telecommunications market.
NYSE:WMS), today announced the launch of a new and innovative "for-sale" gaming machine based on the Company's popular and proprietary Transmissive Reels gaming technology platform.