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Hamid founded Translucent Portals in 2017 with $40,000 borrowed from family and friends plus an additional $35,000 charged on his personal credit cards.
Thus, Thai Ministry of Agriculture announced to mangosteen grower for early flower induction avoiding fruit maturation in rainy season; otherwise rainfall (>20 mm/day), after drought (lacking rain) for a week, could make serious translucent flesh disorder in on-tree fruits during their ripening.
Under the deal, IQE has signed an exclusive licence and assignment agreement with Silex Systems Ltd.'s (ASX: SLX) subsidiary Translucent Inc.
For more information on Jetview Latex White Translucent Matte/Gloss Backlit Polycarbonate film and to request free samples, please contact Tekra at (800) 491-9578.
Independent tests have shown Cobra[R] catches more flies than non translucent units.
The tumblers are available in rub red translucent, apple green translucent and anthracite translucent.
ArrayShield's IDAS uses a pattern & a translucent card to derive one-time-passwords (that are dynamic in nature).
The Sofilux pen with metal cap and translucent SP5K pump provides optimal spray quality and a premium look that exudes an unmistakable sense of luxury;
displayed on Thursday a large translucent advertising poster that can help reduce the need for air conditioning and thereby cut electricity usage.
By Noimot Olayiwola A senior public health official yesterday clarified that eateries and bakeries presently using plastic to pack their products "must switch over to translucent paper" after the expiration of the 90-day deadline given by the National Food Control Committee.
Washington, May 4 (ANI): In a striking acoustic innovation, Swiss researchers have developed lightweight, translucent curtain materials, which are excellent at absorbing sound.
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