derivative chromosome

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de·riv·a·tive chro·mo·some

an anomalous chromosome generated by translocation.
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durum) germplasms carrying Glu-D1d on a 1AS.1AL-1DL translocation chromosome have been released in October 2004 by the USDA-ARS Northern Crops Science Laboratory, Fargo, ND, and North Dakota State University.
The original translocation chromosome T1BLx1RS for these experiments was taken from wheat cultivar Genaro 84, a line of the 'Veery' series from CIMMYT into which it was introduced from cv.
The original translocation chromosome 1RS.1BL for these experiments was taken from wheat cultivar 'Genaro 84', a line of the 'Veery' series from CIMMYT into which it was introduced from 'Kavkaz' (Rajaram et al., 1984).
The 17 additional bread wheat germplasms being registered here enhance existing diversity, and further elucidate the contribution of T1BL.1RS translocation chromosome.
Another priority area is industrial quality (10), where this near isogenic bread wheat germplasm can better elucidate the influence of the T1BL.1RS translocation chromosome.
Pedigrees, chromosome numbers, and status of the wheat-rye translocation chromosome TIBL.
These plants had a 1A.1D translocation chromosome that paired with the long-arm of chromosome 1A (t1AL).
The status of the 1B/1R translocation chromosome in some released wheat varieties and the 1989 candidate varieties of Pakistan.
During meiosis, the translocation chromosomes take on a quadrivalent configuration.
Schwab, Junction mapping of translocation chromosomes by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and computer image analysis in human solid tumors, Methods of Molecular Genetics, Vol.
ponticum-wheat translocation chromosomes is present in SB-3, a 42-chromosome line.
Chromosomes MA1 (UCRBW01-1) and MA2 (UCRBW01-2) are tertiary recombinant wheat-rye translocation chromosomes T1RS.1BS.1BL, each with two intercalary segments from wheat chromosome arm 1BS introgressed into rye arm 1RS.