translatory movement

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trans·la·to·ry move·ment

the motion of the body at any instant when all points within the body are moving at the same velocity and in the same direction.
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The change of linear length ([DELTA]), of the second premolars ([P.sub.2]) and the second permanent molars ([M.sub.2]) are the result of movement that occurred due to the change of tooth inclination [DELTA]" and translatory movement ([DELTA]') (Figure 1).
Total change of the linear length [DELTA], that has resulted from such a translatory movement [DELTA]' and inclination [DELTA]", may be expressed by the mathematical expression (2) that connects changes which have occurred (Table 2).
The relation, expressed by the mathematical expression, between the translatory movement and tooth inclination has been confirmed by the given results of the correlation coefficient value, but only in case of late extractions (Table 3).