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Moving a child or family from one governmental program to another; mandated aspect of I.D.E.A. for children with disabilities in early intervention and special education programs.
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Boeing's contribution will support more than 210,000 transitioning service members during the three-year investment period.
Special educators and rehabilitation counselors need training in transition competencies such as collaboration, job exploration counseling, and work-based learning experiences to better assist students in transitioning into the adult world.
The survey that was created aimed to identify and analyze the current medical practices employed by Canadian pediatric urologists when transitioning patients with SB, in addition to assessing their attitudes towards this process.
Selekwa, "Proposed methodology of optimizing transitioning between time-of-day timing plans," Journal of Transportation Engineering, vol.
This phase culminates at the preparation readiness review where the IPC and PC update DCMA on the finalized plan for transitioning LOGCAP service and operation requirements between the PC and the IPC.
District 2 Pending Decision District 3 Transitioning to Chapter 3 - East Central Region District 4 Transitioning to Chapter - Southwest Region PENDING OFFICIAL PAPERWORK District 5 Transitioning to Chapter - Southwest Region PENDING OFFICIAL PAPERWORK District 7 Dissolved into Central Region District 8 Dissolved into Southeast Region District 9 Dissolved into Northeast Region District 10 Transitioning to Chapter 10 - West Central Region District 12 Pending Decision District 15 Transitioning to Chapter 15 - East Central Region District 17 Transitioning to Ozarks Chapter - Central Region District 18 Dissolved into Northwest Region
* Transition concepts can be tools for career consultants as well as clients to connect those pressing personal dimensions of career and life to contemporary and sometimes dramatic economic transitioning within workplace and society.
The Leadership Transitions Handbook provides leaders at all experience levels a systematic approach to transitioning into a new position, according to CAL officials.
GAO conducted a Web-based survey of broadcasters to determine their status in transitioning to digital and issues they were encountering and commissioned a survey of the U.S.
Educators, school counselors, and developmental theorists agree: Transitioning between schools, between classes, or between developmental periods in children's lives can be chaotic and stressful, as well as exciting, challenging, and full of new hope.
In, Transitioning to a New Administration: Can the Next President be Ready, Hearing, 106th Cong., 2nd sess., Dec.
The REALifelines advisors provide veterans and transitioning service members wounded and injured as a result of the war on terrorism, and their family members, with the resources they need to successfully transition to a rewarding civilian career.