transition phase

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transition phase,

n in holistic nurs-ing, the second segment of a ceremony or rite in which a person makes an effort to identify sections of his or her life that need improvement. During this segment, the person enters an unknown territory to discover himself or herself, establish aspects that are worthy and real, and verify facets of his or her life that need healing.
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Strengthening remedial measures for 10LL 12m staging OHT Part C: Design, Engineering, procurement, Construction, Testing and Commissioning of proposed SCADA & Communication System, and extension of IMIS Providing 24X7(Continuous) water supply in Mysuru City under transition phase of JnNURM.
Modulus Cases Transition Phase 1 Transition Phase 2 Diameter (MPa) Radial Stress Radial Stress Compliance Increase Increase 0.
He added that once the transition phase has been completed, BAC will begin restructuring the organisation to implement the next phase which will be finalising the complete development and expansion plan of Bahrain International Airport.
With the transition phase (between Olympics and Paralympics) being so much reduced in London (than in Vancouver) we're looking to carry through the momentum," Lane said.
In a transition phase, he will also serve as CEO of Bayer HealthCare, succeeding Arthur J.
Both companies will work together during the transition phase to support the customers.
and transition phase with the objective of selling existing illiquid Sri Lankan
The City Council viewed the new regulations as part of a transition phase.
Some of the survey results support a cautiously optimistic view that a transition phase is coming.
Members should note that there will be a transition phase during which existing inventory (i.
It is recognised that this child will need further support through this transition phase and it is suggested that funding be provided for a mentor for the next 12 months to address these transitional issues.
redundant personnel during the transition phase, training, travel, and significant cultural, social and organizational hurdles; and
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