transition electron

tran·si·tion e·lec·tron

an electron that moves from one energy level to another to fill a vacancy in a shell, with the emission of characteristic radiation.
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Rouhollah Ali Jalili inspected commercially-available graphene samples, atom by atom, with a state-of-the-art scanning transition electron microscope.
(iii) It follows from (i)-(ii) combined with momentum conservation condition that the transition electron coming off at A, will migrate across shortest-distance AB, perpendicular to [u.sub.n+1], to orbit n, at B if the atom is at rest, or at B' if the atom is moving at velocity v in x-direction, given after vector addition.
(v.2) the apparent source in transition has the same motion as the (actual source of the) transition electron, that is, translating at the velocity v (cf.

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