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Across any isthmus; specifically, across the isthmus of the fornicate gyrus, denoting the gyrus transitivus.
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In 1846 Colombia and the United States had signed the Bidlack-Mallarino Treaty by which the government in Washington agreed to protect transisthmian transportation.
Later administrators sent the Crown similar proposals that argued for shifting transisthmian transport to the Honduran corridor for easier passage and to stimulate the region's development.
In the early 1940s construction of a transisthmian highway broke the contiguous corridor of forest extending from the lowlands of Soberania National Park to the middle and higher elevation forests to the east (Karr 1990; G.
Guatemala says its claim is based on Great Britain's failure to build a transisthmian road for Guatemala in exchange for giving up territory to Belize after the 1859 treaty.
The land was presented as a site conducive to colonization not only because it could provide raw materials and jobs immediately for the freedmen (particularly in coal), but also because it could meet a national security goal of providing land for a transisthmian railroad.
Recent regional disturbances include a railroad across the Isthmus of Panama operated continuously since the 1850s, construction of the Panama Canal west of Soberania early in this century, and a transisthmian highway completed on the east flank of Soberania during the 1940s.
All economic transactions--privave commerce and investment or even strategically motivated expenditures such as payment for troops stationed overseas and remittances for construction of the transisthmian canal--involved international payments.
She also met with Yuri Slyusar, president of the United Aircraft Corporation and the Russia-Mexico Business Committee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss the Mexican government's new economic priorities and infrastructure projects, including the Mayan Train and the Transisthmian Corridor.
Molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of transisthmian and amphi-Atlantic needlefishes (Belonidae: Strongylura and Tylosurus): perspectives on New World marine speciation.
Tourist attractions in the Colon Area, include Gatun Locks, the Colon Free Zone, the Transisthmian Railroad, Portobelo, San Lorenzo Fort and Sol Melia Hotel.