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Across any isthmus; specifically, across the isthmus of the fornicate gyrus, denoting the gyrus transitivus.
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In 1846 Colombia and the United States had signed the Bidlack-Mallarino Treaty by which the government in Washington agreed to protect transisthmian transportation.
In the early 1940s construction of a transisthmian highway broke the contiguous corridor of forest extending from the lowlands of Soberania National Park to the middle and higher elevation forests to the east (Karr 1990; G.
Guatemala says its claim is based on Great Britain's failure to build a transisthmian road for Guatemala in exchange for giving up territory to Belize after the 1859 treaty.
The land was presented as a site conducive to colonization not only because it could provide raw materials and jobs immediately for the freedmen (particularly in coal), but also because it could meet a national security goal of providing land for a transisthmian railroad.
Recent regional disturbances include a railroad across the Isthmus of Panama operated continuously since the 1850s, construction of the Panama Canal west of Soberania early in this century, and a transisthmian highway completed on the east flank of Soberania during the 1940s.
All economic transactions--privave commerce and investment or even strategically motivated expenditures such as payment for troops stationed overseas and remittances for construction of the transisthmian canal--involved international payments.
Molecular phylogenetics and biogeography of transisthmian and amphi-Atlantic needlefishes (Belonidae: Strongylura and Tylosurus): perspectives on New World marine speciation.
Tourist attractions in the Colon Area, include Gatun Locks, the Colon Free Zone, the Transisthmian Railroad, Portobelo, San Lorenzo Fort and Sol Melia Hotel.