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(trans'shĕnt, -sē-ĕnt),
1. Short-lived; passing; not permanent; said of a disease or an attack.
2. A short-lived cardiac sound having little duration (less than 0.12 seconds) as distinct from a murmur; for example, first, second, third, and fourth heart sounds, clicks, and opening snaps.
[L. transeo, pres. p. transiens, to cross over]


[tran′shənt, tran′zē·ənt]
Etymology: L, transire, to go through
pertaining to a condition that is temporary, such as transient ischemic attack.


Sleep disorders The perceived or actual inability to sleep one's usual amount of time; a condition characterized by any combination of difficulty with falling asleep, staying asleep, intermittent wakefulness, and early-morning awakening; episodes may be transient, short-term–lasting 2 to 3 wks, or chronic Triggers Illness, depression, anxiety, stress, poor sleep environment, caffeine, abuse of alcohol, heavy smoking, physical discomfort, daytime napping, medical conditions, poor sleep habits–eg, early bedtime, excessive time awake in bed Examples Psychophysiologic–learned insomnia, delayed sleep phase syndrome, hypnotic dependent sleep disorder, stimulant dependent sleep disorder. See Circadian rhythm, Conditioned insomnia, Familial fatal insomnia, Jet lag, Pseudoinsomnia, Rebound insomnia, REM sleep, Sleep disorder, Sleep-onset insomnia.
Chronologic classification
• Transient–eg, 'jet lag'; does not require treatment
• Short term < 3 weeks in duration, due to travel to high altitudes, grieving loss of loved one, hospitalization, pain
• Long term > 3 weeks in duration, eg related to medical, neurologic or psychiatric disorders or addiction
• Pharmacologic Due to coffee, nicotine, alcohol
• Rebound (withdrawal) Related to abrupt discontinuation of hypnotic drugs
• Delayed sleep phase Due to shift work, chronic pain, sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome


Baldness Dermatology
1. Loss or absence of hair on the scalp.
2. Baldness, see there See Hair replacement, Hot comb alopecia, Moth-eaten alopecia.
Alopecia types
Male pattern
On the front and top–blame mother
Alopecia areata–blame mother, angry lover
Related to RT–blame radiation oncologist
Alopecia capitis totalis–blame mother
Due to chemotherapy—cyclophosphamide, cytosine arabinoside, doxorubicin–blame oncologist


1. Short-lived; not permanent.
2. A short-lived cardiac sound of short duration as distinct from a murmur.
[L. transeo, pres. p. transiens, to cross over]


(trans'shĕnt, -sē-ĕnt)
Short-lived; passing; not permanent.
[L. transeo, pres. p. transiens, to cross over]
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Any device without a transient power source isn't really transient," Montazami said.
In the case of the currently used engines, the operation states under steady-state and transient conditions tend to vary because of response delay or transient control of the engine intake and exhaust system and the EGR system.
Figures 4 and 5 presents the temporary implementation of fuel pump rack during transient processes of the diesel PD1M of the locomotive series TEM2 obtained from the results of the experiment in load conditions and idle running.
After excluding patients who died within a year after VTE, 42% of patients with transient risk factors such as recent surgery, pregnancy, or prolonged travel were treated with anticoagulants for more than 12 months, the researchers reported.
The technique includes a complete classification system: signal acquisition, transient detection, RF fingerprint extraction and classifier.
Centrifugal compressors experience surge whenever they are suddenly tripped, however, controlling the head and total energy of the surge event by reaching a sufficient recycle valve opening and a low enough head before the surge occurs is the objective of transient simulations.
The diagnosis of transient cortical blindness remains mainly clinical in patients presenting with rapidly progressive loss of vision or severe blurring of vision during or after coronary angiography.
Conversely, a transient hotel wrongly characterized as a residential building or apartment hotel could be located in a Residence zoning district.
The Figure 6 shows the simulation model of a transient fault by considering single phase to ground fault.
These exercises prove how important it is to run transient analysis whenever flow profile will he observed during the operation of a gas pipeline.
The BG-3's patented transient dilution airflow control (TDAC) is at the heart of its sampling capability.