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In mathematics, an element derived by transforming another.
[L. transformo, fr. trans, across, + forma, form]


v. trans·formed, trans·forming, trans·forms
Genetics To subject (a cell) to transformation.

trans·form′a·ble adj.
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There are different techniques that can be used to encode the features of an iris, however we focus on the use of wavelet transform and contourlet transform for iris feature extraction and highlight their advantages and disadvantages in perspective of iris recognition.
2](t) be functions whose a new integral transforms exists for [absolute value of v] < k and let c be a constant.
Applications of Aboodh transforms to this general initial value problem gives
However, using wavelets transform (WT), both time and frequency information of the disturbance can be obtained [13].
FPGA based hardware realization of Walsh and Inverse Walsh transforms for signal processing has been proposed and demonstrated on various Xilinx Virtex chips.
The advantage of the wavelet transform when compared to traditional transforms such as a Fourier transform is its ability to localize the signal properties in both the frequency and the time.
It builds dies with moving components capable of extruding profiles that transform continuously from one shape to another.
Each Fourier transform F(Q) equals the volume integral [8] of the respective [rho](r)exp(-iQ * r), Q denoting the wave vector transfer.
The combination of Xenos' transformation technology and IBM Content Management software enables customers to transform legacy data into e-content to support their enterprise e-business initiatives.
13) Assuming the persona of Night, Michelangelo is thus petrified or petrifies himself, recalling the myth in Ovid (as well as in Dante and Petrarch) of the Medusa, who transforms those who gaze upon her into statues.
My intention with Transforms is to present the entire range of contemporary piano technique in thirty-four "transforms" of the initial expository material, consisting of an eighty-eight-note pitch set with freely composed ornaments.
My hopes were raised by Vorian, the car that transforms into a flame-throwing robot (incidentally, a traditional Japanese form of performance art).