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In mathematics, an element derived by transforming another.
[L. transformo, fr. trans, across, + forma, form]


v. trans·formed, trans·forming, trans·forms
Genetics To subject (a cell) to transformation.

trans·form′a·ble adj.
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where that F(s) and H(s) are Laplace transforms of y(t) and h(t).
Solution: take Aboodh transforms from to this equation gives
Wavelet transforms proved to perform very well in signal denoising.
This combination provides us with the ability to rapidly transform existing printstreams into compelling electronic content that can be stored and retrieved for delivery to the Web," said Wayne Martin, CIO of Symcor.
Ovid speaks of the cloud created by Jupiter to conceal his love-making from his understandably jealous wife, Juno, whereas Correggio transforms or metamorphoses this deceptive cloud into the agent of lovemaking - as if the vapors within which Jupiter appears were an extension of his body, ravishingly enveloping and caressing Io's body as they are absorbed by the very pores of her flesh.
Aptium Oncology is a pioneer in designing, building and managing comprehensive cancer centers with a steadfast vision to transform cancer care environments by bringing every necessary service to one central place.
Alien Collection: The 4" figure collection features all of the 10 aliens that Ben can transform into via his Omnitrix.
a provider of leading document composition and data transformation software that enables insurance, legal and financial companies to accelerate key businesses processes, today announced the availability of Whitehill Transform Configurator, a front-end, graphical user interface for the Whitehill Transform Suite.
Covelight Systems, the innovator of real-time application-independent, transparent online fraud management solutions, today announced a robust new Capture, Transform and Feed (CTF) architecture that provides web-channel data at wire speed to backend analytic engines for a variety of enterprise uses.
Once the watch, called the "Omnitrix," permanently locks itself on his wrist, Ben discovers that he can transform into 10 different and fantastic alien beings, each with unique powers and abilities - but while retaining his 10-year-old personality.
Alien Collection: Collectible 4" figures of all the 10 aliens that Ben can initially transform into, including Heatblast, Greymatter, Fourarms and Stinkfly.
Monarch Data Pump (MDP) is a server-based information delivery and data ETL solution which automatically imports, transforms and delivers customized data mined from report files, PDF files, databases, spreadsheets, OLE DB data sources and HTML files.