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In mathematics, an element derived by transforming another.
[L. transformo, fr. trans, across, + forma, form]


v. trans·formed, trans·forming, trans·forms
Genetics To subject (a cell) to transformation.

trans·form′a·ble adj.
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Therefore, this is about transforming our understanding of discipleship into what Pope Francis has called "missionary discipleship."
Chris Matthews, the transforming care programme leader at the National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare, said: "Transforming care empowers staff to take ownership of the wards they work on and make positive changes for the good of their patients."
3)another dimension of gender, affecting national identity, the transforming role on Georgian women in public life.
The art of biblical interpretation is the sensitive search within fallible and vulnerable human documents for a divine encounter that has the potential for transforming life that it might be permeated with trust, hope, and love.
One way this can be done is for the SCLT to provide training and workshops, focused on the target issue of transforming and advocating for school counselors.
Tambabox combines architecture, sculpture, textiles and tailoring in a simple yet highly lyrical way, transforming the ordinary and the everyday into something gorgeous and extraordinary.
Transforming Poland's military, a former Soviet bloc country, into a force capable of integrating with NATO and U.S.-led coalitions requires more than simple hardware commonality.
It is important to understand how network analysis became incorporated into current management thought and how it is transforming management's way of thinking about social relationships and leadership in government and commercial organizations.
The method comprises transforming a plant cell to contain a heterologous nucleotide sequence operably linked to the promoter of the present invention and regenerating a stably transformed plant from the transformed plant cell.
It is here, in the challenge of transforming conflict by peaceful means, that a heart for Europe will be found.
He exploits the intrinsic potential and significance of common materials, detecting their latent possibilities and transforming them.

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