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In mathematics, an element derived by transforming another.
[L. transformo, fr. trans, across, + forma, form]


v. trans·formed, trans·forming, trans·forms
Genetics To subject (a cell) to transformation.

trans·form′a·ble adj.
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Sun's experience in cutting costs reflects a trend across companies that are transforming into e-businesses.
It is also deeply poetical, as in the description of the god's flowing locks, metamorphosed in words into tendrils blowing in the breeze - as if Winckelmann were transforming the statue into a pleasance, much as Shakespeare's Venus likened her own body to a deer park for the pleasure of Adonis.
4] Love and nurturance, the seeds from which transforming healing experiences grow, are human commodities that organizations must produce before they can export them.
Meanwhile, the new Transforming Arm Set includes a wearable Omnitrix face plate and three different alien arm attachments, along with various sound effects and phrases from the show.
From the transforming DriveMax Cycles to the all-terrain Transtek Armor Machines, which also transform into a Zord, vehicles remain key in the lineup.
a leading provider of real-time data acquisition and analytics software for Six Sigma has released a new white paper describing the contribution that data systems and technology can make to transforming business culture.
This year's lineup showcases enhanced play value with more sound features, transforming action, collectibility and interconnectivity across a perennially popular array of figures, vehicles, Megazords and role-play toys.
Virtusa provides information consulting, technology and outsourcing services focused on Transforming IT.
Transforming Alien Rocks: Dissolve them in water to reveal a translucent miniature 1" alien figure hidden inside.
GIFTS UNDER $20" - 8" TRANSFORMING FIGURES: These large scale Metamorfigures start off as harmless aliens, but transform into cool mini role-play toys.
The conference provides an opportunity for CE[bar]ram Software clients, prospective clients, and partners to gain insight into how SEM is transforming the contemporary health and human services landscape.
Alien Collection: Collectible 4" figures of all the 10 aliens that Ben can initially transform into come with a collectible lenticular card that shows Ben transforming into one of the aliens, as well as an exclusive animation disk of 8 cels from the show that can be used with the Alien Laboratory playset and Omnitrix Alien Viewer.

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