lymphocyte transformation

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lym·pho·cyte trans·for·ma·tion

the transformation into large, blastlike forms (immunoblasts) that occurs when lymphocytes are exposed to histoincompatible antigens (mixed lymphocyte culture) or mitogens.
See also: mixed lymphocyte culture test.

lymphocyte transformation

1 the morphological changes accompanying lymphocyte activation, in which small, resting lymphocytes are transformed into large, active lymphocytes (lymphoblasts).
2 an in vitro immunity test process in which a patient's lymphocytes are placed in a culture with an antigen. The rate of transformation, in terms of proliferation and enlargement of T memory cells, is measured by the uptake of radioactive thymidine by the lymphocytes, indicating protein synthesis.
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The larger transformed lymphocytes have hyperchromatic nuclei with irregular, convoluted nuclear membranes.

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