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Thus, even if the transferee court does not purport to enter judgment on the merits, personal jurisdiction protects parties from being bound by the transferee court's pretrial rulings.
The transferees, who were citizens of other countries, were kept in a regional processing centre in a country of a different territorial jurisdiction to Australia.
In Husky-style cases, the courts must analyze the intent of the transferee since the transferor does not "obtain" anything in a fraudulent transfer, (63) and it is the transferee who is attempting to discharge the debt.
Second, unlike the H-1B visa category, there are no prevailing wage requirements, and the company does not have to complete Labor Condition Applications (LCAs) and internal notices of the L-1 transferees' wages or salaries, which the Department of Labor's (DOL's) regulations require for H-1B visa petitions.
11,2013), the CFPB provided specific guidance regarding the legal obligations of transferors and transferees, and also advised servicers to refer to overarching federal laws and regulations applicable to servicing.
If the Scheme is sanctioned by the Court, it will result in the transfer of the Transferring Business to the Transferee notwithstanding any entitlement that a person would otherwise have to terminate, modify, acquire or claim an interest or right or to treat an interest or right as terminated or modified as a result of anything done in connection with the Scheme.
(28) Therefore, the Panel members routinely make personal calls to candidate transferee judges, to probe their willingness to manage the new docket.
The provisions of TUPE make it much more difficult for the transferee to dismiss the transferring employees or to change their terms and conditions to harmonise with its own.
The IRS noted that the taxpayer's directions to the custodian of her transferee IRA were intended to insure that required distributions were timely made to her in the manner that she desired.
Orders of transfer and such other orders as the JPML may make thereafter shall be filed in the Office of the Clerk of the district court of the transferee district and shall be effective when filed.
5833/2011: by Sun Insurance Office Limited (as transferee) and by the following transferors: National Vulcan Engineering Insurance Group Limited and The Sea Insurance Company Limited (see above for former names of these companies) for: (i) an order under section III of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (the "Act") sanctioning a scheme for" the transfer by the transferors of their Italian branch insurance businesses to Sun Insurance Office Limited and (ii) orders under section 112 of the Act making such ancillary provisions as are necessary to implement that scheme;