transfer imaging

trans·fer im·ag·ing

the production of an ultrasound image by detection and analysis of sound on the opposite side of the body from the emitting transducer.
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"Using Intelemage's medical imaging technology has given us the ability to seamlessly capture data, streamline workflows, and transfer imaging data sets securely, compliantly, and reliably," said Nicholas Wharton, co-founder and senior vice president of Medical Metrics, an Intelemage customer and partner since 2013 and a provider of imaging core lab services for global clinical trials of orthopedic, cardiovascular, and neurovascular medical devices, drugs, and biologics.
The use of advanced MRI techniques, such as arterial spin labeling imaging, [sup][3] susceptibility-weighted imaging, [sup][6] and magnetization transfer imaging, [sup][2] may increase the accuracy of AD diagnosis.
Tyler, TX, May 24, 2012 --( MyDipKit is the premier do-it-yourself version of the commercial Water Transfer Imaging process, used to apply decorative finishes to any hard surface, such as metal, plastic, wood, fiberglass, and more.
"Methods such as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI, which measures the flow of water particles) can investigate the integrity of nerve fiber pathways, and magnetization transfer imaging (MTI, a technique that improves image contrast) may be able to detect myelin repair."
It is the company's first unit based on its new Film Transfer Imaging (FTI) technology.
IfA astronomer John Tonry designed the camera, known as OPTIC (Orthogonal Parallel Transfer Imaging Camera), and it was built at the IfA.
While the company isn't divulging details about the machine's "cutting-edge proprietary" technology that it calls Film Transfer Imaging, president Abe Reichental said V-Flash will combine plug-and-play setup with the ability to make high-quality solid models within hours.