transfer devices

trans·fer de·vic·es

(trans'fĕr dĕ-vīs'ĕz)
A piece of equipment used to transfer blood from a syringe to an evacuated tube with a closed system. This reduces risk of needlestick injury to the phlebotomist.
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The company is best known for its transfer devices, the FROG and TORO as well as its latest product range, the FROG-XT.
The Fellow in question, Dr Lizhan Bai is perfectly (perhaps uniquely) suited to drive this project to success as he has independently designed, constructed and experimented with a number of challenging flow and heat transfer devices, especially heat pipe systems, and has outstanding analytical and mathematical modelling capability, which will contribute uniquely to the project.
In a step towards more energy efficiency and sustainability, physicists and engineers from all over the world--but with a hefty representation from Belarus--explain current adsorption research and technologies for relevant applications based on using the efficient heat transfer devices heat pipes and two-phase thermosyphons.
The revision was made for "interception technologies and digital data transfer devices for monitoring mobile phones and text messages and targeted surveillance of internet use," the European Parliament (EP) said in a press release.
Washington, May 28 (ANI): A study by Japanese scientists has reported the possibility to turn a material's magnetism on and off at room temperature - an advancement that could revolutionize computing, forming the basis of high-capacity and low-energy memory, data storage and data transfer devices.
This realization has lead to the development of closed-system transfer devices (CSTDs).
Safe patient handling and movement refers to a coordinated program of assistive equipment and devices, such as mechanical lifts and lateral transfer devices, as well as work practices that eliminate manual handling.
Heat transfer devices also control heat from the headstock and servomotors.
The publication is based on the report "Development of Standard Procedures for Evaluating Oxygen Transfer Devices.
For years, we have added a drop or two of cleaner, lubricant, preservative, (CLP) to the hinges of our data transfer devices (DTD).
Plus, a range of pallet handling systems including roller and chain conveyors, rotating tables, shuttleon rails and transfer devices.
Our experience is that data transfer rates for fixed-disk transfer devices are about the same as removable optical transfer rates (2-4 MB/sec) depending upon object size and volume.