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I also see many people not using transfer boards until they show up in the emergency room with a broken leg.
Transfer Aids Transfer board, sling lift, trained staff assistance.
One transfer board option is the Beasy line of transfer aids that provides frictionless sliding transfers (figure 8).
* If you use a wheelchair, keep a transfer board handy and secure it to the chair so you can shimmy in and out of the driver's seat.
One method of transfer involved the use of a transfer board which permitted the patient to move unassisted from the wheelchair to another location.
Whether you're transferring from a wheelchair to a hotel bed or into a taxi, a transfer board makes maneuvering easier.
This includes reachers, adaptive clothing, modified eating utensils, dressing aids, adapted personal hygiene aids, feeding accessories, grab bars/grips/handles, shower/bath chair, transfer board, wheeled bath chair/commode, time management aids, and bathtub seats.
Measuring a full 22 by 72 inches, the transfer board is X-ray translucent and anti-static.
Rep Tommy Robinson of Brinkley, who resigned to accept an appointment to the Post Prison Transfer Board. Tom Schueck of Little Rock, chairman of Lexicon Inc., has been reappointed to the Pollution Control and Ecology Commission.
"I decided to look at making a little bit different transfer board. So, it was out of necessity.
The transfer sheet is virtually weightless, eliminating the need to pick up and carry a bulky transfer board.
SafeSlideBoard is a combination armrest and transfer board that attaches to standard wheelchairs to help prevent falls and back injuries.