transfer belt

transfer belt,

n a belt used to transfer a disabled person from one location to another by placing the belt around that person's waist and using it to hold on to while safely transferring the patient.
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check] Always use a transfer belt when moving residents; teach residents why using the belt is safer than pulling on their bodies.
A transfer belt links the grinding phase with the CFS PortionCut in a synchronized operation controlled by software that signals when to cut the portion into the weight/volume desired.
The head pulleys can thus address the lower part of the fluff burden running on the transfer belt conveyor while the belt magnets reach for the larger pieces of ferrous running on the upper part of the fluff burden.
The relocation of the mixer required the addition of a sand transfer belt and appropriate electrical controls to supply sand to the mixer from the existing sand silos.
The Series 1400 Flat Top ONEPIECE[TM] Live Transfer belt replaces deadplate transfers to decrease the risk of product damage.
Tubbs also suggested that technologists use a transfer belt when moving patients.
Personal Transfer Kit: Used to assist non-ambulatory or semi-ambulatory passengers, the Personal Transfer Kit comes with three components: a slide board, a transfer belt and a transfer sling.
the hp laser jet 1320 printer cartridge must be capable of printing at least 2,500 pages at 5% toner coverage of an a4-size sheet, and be equipped with a transfer belt to ensure that toner does not stagnate from the hopper until the cartridge is installed in the printer.
On lighter weights or on profile sensitive grades, dual press applications with a transfer belt in the second press are favored, due to profile and dryness considerations.
The wind-up device consists of two laterally movable stands with liner let-off above which a horizontally movable transfer belt conveyor is arranged.
In addition, front access to the transfer belt and drum unit reduces machine downtime during routine maintenance, allowing for easy serviceability.
The framework agreement defines the terms governing the subsequent contracts for the supply of computer consumables concluded by the national assembly on its basis and including the following categories of supplies: laser cartridges for printers and multifunction equipment, inkjet cartridges, cartridges for toner for computer and office equipment, printer drums, fusion kit, transfer belt, magnetic media: usb sticks of different sizes, print media, photoconductors for epson cx11, micro sd card and card reader, various other computer consumables .